Top 10 things to do before graduation

Kristine Young

Kristine Young

Have you ever given any thought to what you’re going to remember most about college? It’s not the tests, labs or 7 a.m. classes you’ll remember most; it’s the things you do in between classes. In order to make the most out of your experience at SDSU, you have to take advantage of all SDSU and Brookings have to offer, while making sure to honor a few traditions. Here is a bucket list of sorts, of things to do before graduation.

10. Eat at Nick’s Hamburger Shop. Too many Nickburgers may be a heart attack waiting to happen, but you won’t be disappointed with the taste. Each little hamburger is grilled in grease and put on a homemade bun. Don’t forget to add a milk shake to finish the meal.

9. Play intramurals. Not only does SDSU have a beautiful new Wellness Center to play intramurals in, but playing intramurals is fun. They allow you to get a great workout, meet new people and quench your competitive spirit, while sneaking a few laughs at the creative team names.

8. Participate in the RHA Jacked-Up Rabbit Race. These will be the most intense 24 hours of your life. The Jacked-Up Rabbit Race is jam-packed with physically and mentally demanding challenges and is something you will never forget. Not to mention you can win some awesome prizes.

7. Eat SDSU ice cream. Whether you’re a chocolate or vanilla person, the SDSU Dairy Bar will never let you down. With so many different flavors to choose from, you’ll never get bored and it’s always delicious.

6. Join a club. Whether it’s UPC, RHA or Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association, joining a club is a sure way to make your college experience worthwhile. Being part of an on-campus organization allows you to meet new people, build your résumé and have fun.

5. Live in the residence halls. Living in the residence halls is a rite of passage. Most incoming freshmen have to live in the residence halls for their first two years and they provide a great environment to meet new people. From living with a roommate, hall programs and your crazy neighbor down the hall, living in the residence halls is sure to add to your experience at SDSU.

4. Participate in or go to Capers. Capers is one of the only performances where you get to see your peers do funny skits and dance around on stage. Whether you participate in Capers or attend a showing, it is sure to have you laughing for days.

3. Eat at George’s. Pizza Hut just won’t compare after eating at George’s. Between delicious Gyros, to-die-for pizza and an ever-changing buffet, your taste buds will forever be thankful you stopped by.

2. Attend a Hobo Day parade. Hobo Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. The Hobo Day parade may seem early for a Saturday, but with so many things to look at it’s definitely worth it. Not to mention all the downtown debauchery that ensues from 7 a.m. (for those over 21, anyway), including rituals such as Kegs and Eggs, among so many others that continue on well into the wee hours of the following Sunday.

1. Climb the Campanile. The Coughlin Campanile is the quintessential symbol of SDSU; it’s on every piece of official SDSU paper material, and as you’re driving back to Brookings, whether from a break at home or from a university-sponsored activity, it’s the sign that you’re once again back in your “home away from home” during these years. Not only will climbing the Campanile give you a great workout, but it will also give you a great view of Brookings. Take your time walking up and remember the memories, or race a friend. Either way, climbing the Campanile is the ultimate ritual for a true Jackrabbit.