Women pummel Southern Utah

Drue Aman

Drue Aman

It would be difficult to point out a better second half of basketball by SDSU this season than what happened against Southern Utah on Feb. 8.

SDSU (14-9, 10-3) shot 61 percent from the field in the second half and out-raced Southern Utah (6-17, 4-8) to a 57-26 scoring margin in final 20 minutes to seal a 93-59 win.

The Jacks took only a three-point lead going into halftime after Southern Utah shot 54 percent from field-goal range, which was 20 percent higher than their season average. The Jacks responded with seven 3-pointers and shot 62 percent from field-goal range led by Ketty Cornemann’s 18 second-half points to put the game out of reach for the Thunderbirds.

“She’s played so well coming into this game,” said head coach Aaron Johnston. “?but in the second half she was a good senior.”

The Jacks now face two rivalry games with North Dakota State on Feb. 13 and USD on Feb. 15. Both games are expected near-sellouts. Tip-off for the NDSU game is 5 p.m. and USD at 7 p.m.