Comedy night provides varied entertainment for all who attend

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Looking for a few laughs and a night of cheap entertainment? The Pavilion Bar and Grill hosts a comedy night every Thursday, and you can get just that.

“I have been to comedy night about four or five times,” said Jenneca Barber, a senior nursing student. “Some comedians are funnier than others, but for the most part all the ones I have seen were all pretty funny.”

Comedy night is every Thursday starting at 9:30 p.m.

“It is $6 to get in,” said Megan Krulikosky, a floor manager at the Pavilion. “If you come before 8 p.m. and eat in the dining room, then we will give you a free wristband.”

Even though comedy night is a great deal for everyone, Krulikosky said the majority of people who attend are SDSU students.

“You can really tell the difference in attendance when students are gone for different breaks,” Krulikosky said. “We have specials every week during comedy night. Tall domestic taps are $2.25 and we have half-price appetizers.”

The Pavilion goes through the Funny Business booking agency to find the comedians, and some have been on Comedy Central, but they all travel across the U.S., said Krulikosky.

Travis Peters makes a few jokes and introduces the opener for the comedians.

“None of the bartenders or managers wanted to do the opening part and he did,” said Krulikosky. “I’ve worked (at the Pavilion) for about four years and he’s been here for that long at least.”

Peters is from Brookings and we basically pay him in Diet Coke, said Krulikosky.

“Everyone that I have gone with seems to know him by Travis, the guy who always wears a turtleneck,” said Barber. “Even the comedians make fun of him for that.”

The opening comedian tells jokes for about a half hour, then the main comedian does about an hour-long show.

“Sometimes the comedians travel together if they live close to each other,” said Krulikosky. “It just depends on each one, but usually they don’t know each other.”

The two comedians have different material from each other, so members of the audience never know who they are going to get.”I have been to comedy night four times,” said Emily Guldan, a senior wildlife and fisheries major. “One time I liked the opener better, but the other times I have liked the main comedian better.”

Since the comedians are from different parts of the country, they all provide a different range of jokes.

“I don’t have a certain topic that I think is funnier,” said Barber. “I do enjoy the jokes and comments about South Dakota and how it is in the middle of nowhere.”

“I have been able to relate to some of the jokes,” said Guldan. “Others are just really funny or dirty jokes.”

Krulikosky said that in the future the Pavilion is going to try an open mic night following comedy night to get people to stay instead of leaving and starting their weekend.

“If you come in to eat beforehand, it’s a great deal for the night,” Krulikosky said.

It’s good to get there early so you can get a table in front since it’s always busy, said Barber.

Students that have gone each have different memories of comedy night.

“Well, Travis tries to be funny and he’s not really,” said Guldan.

“My favorite part is when they involve the audience and relate jokes to the audience members,” said Barber. “As long as they are not rude.”