Quietdrive shows humility in person, says columnist


Cat Hill

With the recent visitation of Quietdrive on March 3, I decided to talk about them a little more. I saw many people at the show that night. So with a full house, the action began.

The band started off instantly strong with songs like “Call Me Up” and, my personal favorite, “Believe”. I was impressed by the constant high level of energy from the band. They really seemed to have fun with every song. There were people jumping and dancing in the audience which just further increased the energy in the VBR.

The best part of the night was definitely when the band came on for an encore and played a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” I have heard numerous covers of that song, but what really stole my ear was the fact that frontman, Kevin Truckenmiller, played a violin on stage. That was something I’d never seen before in a live show.

After the show, along with a lot of the crowd, I met the band members: Droo Hastings (bass), Justin Bonhiver (guitar), Truckenmiller (vocals/acoustic guitar/violin bass), Matt Kirby (guitar/vocals) and Brandon Lanier (drums).

These guys were so incredibly down to earth and I think they enjoyed being there as much as the audience. I thanked them profusely for coming to our school, but they thanked me right back for coming. The band showed so much humility. This show was a great way to get into “Spring Break Mode”. It was a much needed break in the midst of exams.

Currently, Quietdrive has three albums available for purchase on iTunes, and I highly recommend them all. Each album offers something different, but powerful.

However, not all of the songs are love songs, which is something I cannot embrace enough. I’m sure, that at some point or another, we all get sick of hearing love songs over and over. Quietdrive can offer that “escape” and take you into a fairly fast-paced, foot-tapping musical world.

Right now, I’m in the midst of driving from Connecticut back to South Dakota and I can tell you, this band makes for some great highway-driving music.