Rock band shows range, says columnist

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

The other day when I was checking my e-mail, I saw one regarding an EP in my mailbox at The Collegian office. Out of curiousity, I went into the office to see who the artist was. I found Death on Two Wheels, a rock band out of Atlanta, Ga. The EP was titled Again for the First Time, which seems like a contradiction in itself, but I was intrigued so I put the CD in the computer for a listen.

The first song, “Calling Us All Back Home” is a very chill song to listen to. The singer sounds like he is going through struggles in love.

The next song “Shaking Like a Leaf” has a little more edgy, raw, hard rock feel to it. I’m not into that much hard rock, but I can appreciate the guitar and instrumental solos throughout the song.

“How Love Is Made” is a ballad about all the confusion and questions that go along with love. I think this is my favorite song on the disc just because it may be the most relatable. Everyone has had a relationship or situation where you couldn’t figure someone out or are just struggling with something. There is still a definite rock feel to it as the singer belts out a verse at the end while basically having a guitar solo.

I also liked “Take It Away.” To me, the song throws a bunch of thoughts about life out there to ponder. One of the lines is ‘If Heaven was owned, purchased and sold, Where would you kneel to pray?’ I just feel the song makes you think, and I enjoy hearing that in song form.

The last song “Two Dollar Bills” talks about only having two-dollar bills and that is why the singer has sorrows, but he wants to spend them both on a girl. In other words, he knows he only has so much but that doesn’t really change his feelings.

Death on Two Wheels released their debut Separation of Church & Fate in 2008 and is followed by this EP. Again for the First Time is available March 9. Check out Death on Two Wheels at