UPC contest to reward funny, creative videos

Meghann Rise

Meghann Rise

Students looking for a little extra cash can try submitting their funniest video to the University Program Council, for a chance to win $100.

On March 31, UPC invites students to participate and view SDSU’s Funniest Videos. The contest will be held at the PAC at 8 pm. The contest will be a text-to-vote style contest, where students will text their favorite videos and results will be shown live on a projector.

“Basically, it’s the Bob Saget’s Funniest Home Videos, but it’s the college version,” said showcase coordinator Michael Preszler.

The contest is open to all students, and videos can range from five seconds to five minutes. The content can be anything funny.

“The content can be anything from someone falling on the sidewalk, to something staged or something caught in the moment. Anything that will give students a laugh,” Preszler said.

The only restrictions of the contest are limited vulgarity and no nudity. Other than that, students are free to come up with anything.

One of the potential contestants, senior pharmacy major Chad Fjeldheim is creating a video based off of the “As Seen on TV” phenomenon, Bumpits™.

“I wanted a video that appeals to everyone, from cheerleaders to prom queens,” Fjeldheim said.

To enter, students can submit their DVD to the UPC office in the Union.

The first three places cash out, with third place winning $25, second place $50 and first place wins $100.

This is the first time UPC has held this contest, so contestants are encouraged to try it out.

Stephen Brua, a junior advertising major is not competing, but will go to the show.

“It’s always funny to see what students can come up with, I definitely want to go see what students have done,” Brua said.

Preszler said the UPC is hoping to get at least eight to ten videos in the contest. Students who wish to participate have until March 30 to turn in a video.