Greek Community does not condone hazing acts


Sdsu Greek Community

The Greek Community always strives to promote integrity, responsibility and individuals with unquestionable character. As the presidents of SDSU Men’s and Women’s Fraternities, we wish to share our reservations with The Collegian opinion article printed on March 3 regarding the incident of the alleged victimization by a “fraternity.” We feel that the situation in Ms. Brown’s article reflected negatively on the Greek Community. We work diligently to overcome the negative stereotypes related to men’s and women’s fraternities. In order to safeguard against a situation like this occurring to another student on campus, it is important to note that each chapter, as well as the community as a whole, have strict policies regarding hazing. In no way, shape or form do we condone activities that harm or humiliate any individual.

The governing bodies of Greek Life set guidelines to regulate how each chapter recruits. If a questionable situation were to arise, such as the “fraternity poster” depicted in this article, do not hesitate to contact the Greek Life Advisor, Addie Wolcott, at 688-6129 or come visit her in her office, 142C in the Student Union. It is our sincere hope that something like this would never occur, however, should this story prove to be true we, the Greek Community, hope that it would be taken to the proper authorities and that appropriate action would be taken against the offending individuals.

We take pride in the virtues held by each of the 10 chapters that comprise the Greek System at SDSU. We genuinely hope that those interested in joining our society would not waver in that decision due to the despicable acts of the aforementioned individuals. Greek Life does not exist on this campus to discriminate or humiliate; we are solely here to enhance your college experience.

Respectfully,SDSU Greek Community.