Fall campus will be ‘absolutely phenomenal’

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

When students come back to school next fall, they will not return to the campus they have known.

This year, students have dealt with construction and detours, but many renovations will be complete or near completion at the start of the fall semester.

Dean Kattelmann, assistant vice president for facilities and services, said although the construction might have been an inconvenience, the end result will make it all worthwhile.

“We are working towards making SDSU a better place to live,” he said.

The Union expansion, costing $8.8 million, is one project that should be complete next fall. It will hold two more dining options, featuring one with a sports-bar atmosphere and the other with a coffee-shop feel.

“We wanted to have a place for students to gather after things like sporting games or working out at the Wellness Center,” Kattelmann said. “The new expansion to The Union will be perfect for that.”

The dining areas will be open at the beginning of the fall semester, but the rest of the project, which includes new conference rooms and renovations to Jack’s Place, should be completed by next October’s Hobo Day.

The Avera Health and Science Center construction and Shepard Hall renovation 8212; which together cost roughly $41 million 8212; will soon be completed, offering students many new opportunities.

“The Avera Health and Science Building is a wonderful addition for the pharmacy program,” Kattelmann said. “It will have seven new classrooms and 18 labs, which will provide more space and allow the pharmacy program to expand and accept more students into its program.”

Kattelmann said the Avera Health and Science Center will be ready for student use next fall, but the new Shepard Hall portion of the project is estimated to be done in January 2011. New Shepard Hall will have 44 research labs, as well as a chiller plant to air condition the building more efficiently.

The new residence halls will be completed by July 2010 and ready for students in the fall.

“The new residence halls are designed to make students feel more at home,” said Doug Wermedal, assistant vice president for student affairs. “On every floor there will be a living room and kitchen combo, a fireplace, plush carpet, game tables, such as pool and foosball, a laundry room andProxy-Connection: keep-aliveCache-Control: max-age=0

lso a separate study area with more sound proofing.”

Wermedal said the $21 million project will also include air-conditioning, elevators and a canopied bike rake and air source. There will be 35 students on each floor as opposed to other dorms on campus, which have almost twice as many students per floor.

A new parking lot near Crothers Engineering Hall is set to start construction in the middle of May. Although the new parking lot will not be completed until October 2010, Kattelmann said the new $1.8 million lot will contain 295 spaces for commuters and allow students another place to park on the south side of campus.

Although many large projects are taking shape around campus, Kattelmann said many small projects and renovations are also in progress.

The Hilton M. Briggs’ Library reading room renovation on the top floor will be ready in the fall. This portion of the library will contain Sen. Tom Daschle’s past archives, accessible to students and staff.

The lighting along 11th Street will be a new addition, as there is currently no lighting on the south side of the street.

“The new lamps will provide aesthetic appeal and also increase safety for pedestrians walking at night,” Kattelmann said.

Updates to current buildings will also take place on campus this summer and early next fall. The South Dakota Art Museum is adding a new heating and air system, as well as a new plaza. They are also planning to drain the tile surrounding the outside of the building, all of this totaling around $2 million.

The Rotunda is receiving updates to the Rotunda A classroom, including new white boards, improved seating and more high-tech equipment. Also, a new elevator, stair tower and new lobby will be added to Mathews Hall and will be finished in time for next fall’s semester.

With construction and renovations complete, Kattelmann said SDSU is going to look like a different place.

“When the projects are all complete, this campus is going to look absolutely phenomenal.”