Semester ends, move-outs begin

Billie Jo Kubat

Billie Jo Kubat

With the end of the school year around the corner, students have a lot to focus on. This includes everything from summer jobs to finals to moving belongings home from the dorms.

For most students, moving out of the dorms is harder than moving back in. At the beginning of the school year, students and Community Assistants were available to help people move into their dorm rooms for the year.

However, when it comes to moving out, students only have themselves and the friends they can find to help.

Some students decide to pay for a moving truck to help move out of the dorm.

“Spring is the one of the biggest times for us,” said Barry Meyer, the manager of the local Budget Truck Rental. “With the graduates and the students moving out of the dorm we get about 100 inquiries.” The price depends on the destination, said Meyer.

“We have traffic lanes, which has a specific price from one place to another,” said Meyer. “You could probably move from here to Sioux Falls for less than $100, but moving to a small area will probably cost more.”

You need to think of it as a packaged deal, you get the truck and specific amount of miles for so many days, said Meyer.

Students have other options to help move their stuff home other than paying for a moving truck. “I packed most of my things the week before finals. I just keep the things I needed out for finals week,” said Vanessa Fischer, a senior dietetics major. “I went to local businesses and got boxes to pack up all my stuff to keep it organized.”

I think students need to look ahead on their schedule and pack ahead so they don’t feel so pressured during finals week, said Fischer. Moving out of the halls comes with a lot of hassles.

“It was an annoyance to get a car that would fit everything I had into it,” said Aaron Holland, a senior parks and recreation major.

Holland said he keeps a lot of the things he has gotten over the year and even took stuff his roommates didn’t want. He suggests keeping things organized and decide what kind of kind of car is needed to move all belongings.

“Make sure you organize with you roommate so that they can help you move out,” said Holland. “Make multiple trips back home, from about a month before the year ends,” said Jerame Bosma, a sophomore athletic training major. “You don’t want to wait to the last minute to move out.”

“I had my parents come up so that I had two cars to pack all of my stuff,” said Michelle Ellefson, a junior nursing student.

Some students choose to focus on schoolwork prior to packing.

“I am waiting to the last minute to pack,” said Kyle Baumann, a freshman pre-medicine student. “I want to focus on my finals first.”