Parking changes may be delayed

Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown

The possibility of a pay-by-the-hour parking lot for the east Union lot may not happen after all.

The pay-by-the-hour lot has not been finalized and it may not be implemented in the upcoming fall semester.

“I have not heard anything about it happening next semester,” said Dean Kattelmann, assistant vice president for Facilities and Services. “All projects need to come through (Facilities and Services) and I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard the discussions of it.”

The Union pay-by-the-hour parking lot has not yet been approved by SDSU’s Parking and Traffic Committee and it must be before any action can be taken.

“I strongly don’t believe it will happen this summer because it still has a lot of planning and approvals that it needs to get through,” said Kattelmann.

SDSU is still analyzing various details and is currently looking at other colleges as a model for how a pay-by-the-hour lot works on a campus. One school that uses this is Minnesota State University-Mankato.

In the April 14 issue of The Collegian, Jennifer Novotny, director of The Union, said she was not 100 percent sure the lot would be completed but “hoped to have it implemented by fall 2010.