Dancing toward the stars’ finale

Joshua T. Bell

Joshua T. Bell

SDSU’s third season of Dancing with the Stars continues to please and surprise students as it heads toward the finale.

The first episode saw all six stars dance with their respective partners, allowing all to show their best ’80s dance. However, the judges and the students voted and the second week saw off the star Brian McNeill and his partner, Kimberly Graff.

Dancing with the Stars gains more viewers each week as more people watch the various SDSU Stars dance across stage.

“There were around 300 students the first week and about 400 in attendance for the second week,” said Robin Bickel, University Program Council coordinator for the event.

During the second episode, people had to stand toward the back due to a lack of seating, showing the increase in attendance.

Each show offers the same layout with very different dances. The video screen shows the stars practicing throughout the week, offering a different side of their personality than seen on stage.

Bickel emcees the event, keeping each episode moving smoothly, but it all comes back to the dancers who give the audience a reason for being at the event.

During episode three, the fans voted, causing Tonya Hohenthaner, senior secretary for the football team and her partner, Tyler Louder to dance their last dance.

That leaves Jeff Hughes, Delta Chi president, Scott Nagy, the men’s basketball head coach, Jenna Smeenk, Students’ Association senator, and Stephanie Cooper, UPC president, to be voted on this week.

For the finale, two couples will be eliminated at the beginning, leaving two couples performing to win. Students can vote on the UPC website until noon on the day of the finale.

The final ‘episode’ takes place on April 27 in the Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m.