Parking plan steers university toward great final outcome


Issue: SDSU recently unveiled its new, long-term parking plan.

For the last few years, parking has been a contentious issue. It is impossible to please everyone. While we sympathize with the university, it is about time a professional firm was hired to assess the situation and plan for the long-term future. SDSU continues to grow, and we believe this new plan is a step in the right direction.

At the meeting, Joe Bilotta seemed like a common-sense thinker and the plan his firm came up with is just that.

An all-walking campus sounds much scarier than it is. The plan simply moves most parking to the outskirts of campus 8212; where commuters already park 8212; and uses space more efficiently. For commuters, this is not a huge change.

The plan helps the flow of traffic as well, creating a single ring around campus with only three entrances.

Bilotta briefly addressed the issue of a campus mass-transit system. Bilotta said a system would not be cost effective for SDSU’s size.

We agree. It takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to walk from one side of campus to another. While such a jaunt can be tough in the winter, it is not a long enough walk to warrant a bussing system. By the time a bus arrived at a theoretical stop, a student could be over halfway across campus.

The thing we are most pleased with, is the cosmetic overhaul this plan offers.

With moving parking lots out of the center of campus, the university plans to use much of this area for much needed green space. Currently, we have 64 parking lots and 56 buildings on campus. If cities are called concrete jungles, then SDSU is the asphalt lawn. More green space will create a very attractive SDSU.

Stance: The university made the right choice in having experts plan out a long-term parking plan. It will create an efficient and attractive campus.