Rap music rocks from the middle of nowhere

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertSenior Reporter

Rap music from the middle of nowhere is the resounding theme for the Sioux Falls rap group, Soulcrate Music. The group kicked off its Sleep Awake Tour in Brookings Sept. 17 at the Shamrock Event Center.

The trio is comprised of brothers Wes and Dan Eisenhauer, who provide the vocals and their disc jockey, Corey Gerlach. Wes Eisenhauer said this is Soulcrate’s first tour as a headliner.

“We kind of set this whole thing up ourselves,” Wes Eisenhauer said.

Soulcrate played at Jack’s Place in The Union last year and Wes Eisenhauer said they are glad to be back in Brookings.

“It’s close enough to home where it feels good and we’re happy to be here,” Wes Eisenhauer said.

Soulcrate has the feel of a local band but the release of their new album The Heartland Panic has given them national attention.

This accomplishment, along with a list of others, has not gone unnoticed.

Soulcrate, formed eight years ago, has matured as a group over time.

“If you listen to that first record (From the Neck Up) and you listen to The Heartland Panic, I’d say there’s quite a bit of progression in there,” Wes Eisenhauer said.

Dan Eisenhauer said in the group’s early days people had a hard time distinguishing the brothers’ voices.

“We developed our own styles and being more comfortable behind the microphone,” Dan Eisenhauer said.

Wes Eisenhauer said Gerlach, or “DJ Absolute”, is a big part of the group’s success.

“We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing without Cory,” Wes Eisenhauer said. “He’s always been the driving force behind us.”

Soulcrate is also very appreciative of their local following in South Dakota. They make reference to “the plains state” in several of their songs.

Soulcrate has opened for bands including 311 and Atmosphere. Their headlining Sleep Awake Tour finishes Sept. 25 in Omaha, Neb.

Free tracks are available for digital download on Soulcrate’s website, as well as photos, tour dates and biographies: http://soulcratesouthdakota.blogspot.com