?Show us what you got?


Anne Virginia KoeppReporter

Hobo Week will soon be upon us and that means a week of fun and festivities. One of the great traditions of the week is SDSU’s own talent showcase, Cavorts.

Auditions for Cavorts are Sept. 30 from 5 to 11 p.m. in the VBR of The Union. Sign-up is outside the UPC office. Be ready with your talent name, any equipment you will need and contact information.

Cash prizes are up for grabs for first through third place.

“Don’t be hesitant: Sing, dance, act, play, improv, comedy. Anything goes,” said Tom Brinker, 20, showcase coordinator and co-host for Cavorts. “As long as they get into it, it is a talent.”

Brinker participated last year in the talent showcase with a parody of Will Ferrell’s Saturday Night Live cheerleading skit.

Last year, about 20 acts auditioned and ten were showcased at Cavorts. The number of acts will be dependent on the number of entries, Brinker said.

Performances are evaluated by a five-judge, student-panel. Acts are judged on charisma, creativity, showmanship and most importantly entertainment value.

Brinker is co-hosting with Michael Preszler, president of University Program Council and Robin Bickel, Hobo Day Grand Pooba this year.

“I’m really excited about Cavorts this year. It adds to the tradition of Hobo Week,” said Caitlin Hicks, 20, graphic design major from Yankton.

Cavorts is on Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center. Everyone is welcome and tickets are $5 at the door or at Info Exchange starting Oct. 11.

“Show us what you got,” Brinker said.