Tap show brings music, comedy to PAC

Megan Schiferl

Megan SchiferlJuice Editor

“Feet don’t fail me now” was the cry heard through out the Performing Arts Center on during the performance of Rhythmic Circus.

Woodbine Productions, which brought the percussion-dance troupe to SDSU on Sept. 10, is an SDSU Foundation project funded by an anonymous donor.

“The benefactor wants to bring SDSU and the Brookings community great entertainment,” said Rina Reynolds, development director for the College of Arts and Sciences and consultant to Woodbine Productions.

All ticket funds go directly to create significant scholarships designed to help students pursue musical degrees at SDSU.

Rhythmic Circus, the first Woodbine Productions show this year, is an electric energy-charged show of music, dance and comedy.

Nick Bowman, one of the founders of the Minneapolis-based group, calls the ensemble his “passion project.”

The show has grown from an idea between two friends, Bowman and fellow dancer Ricci Milan, to a four-dancer, seven-piece- band company.

“We realized this was our one chance to live out our dreams and that no one else was going to do it for us,” Bowman said.

Bowman, along with Milan, began choreographing and creating a show three years ago, but they can’t take all the credit.

“Everyone contributes because everyone has something at stake,” Bowman said. “We have one chance to get this right.”

Patrick Nelson, the drumming guitarist who plays bass and tuba, has been with the group since it began three years ago and was extremely pleased with the performance at SDSU.

“The crowd made it easy to have fun and high energy,” Nelson said. “We love making music, but we love the crowd’s response even more.”

In addition to wild tap numbers, the seven-piece band performs music from a variety of genres, ranging from blues to jazz to band marches.

The group writes about 95 percent of its music, according to Nelson.

“Many of us have been musically trained, so it’s easy for us to have an idea, and then all sit around and work it into a number,” Nelson said.

Woodbine Productions is in its third year of existence and plans on bringing three separate shows to SDSU. The next show this year, the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra will be Nov. 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the PAC. For more information on Rhythmic Circus, visit their website at www.rhythmiccircus.com, or “like’ their Facebook page, Rhythmic Circus.

#1.1602909:3663041018.jpg:Many young adults participated on Sept. 11 in an skate park event to demonstrate their skills.:Many young adults participated on Sept. 11 in an skate park event to demonstrate their skills. For more photos of the skate park event, go to www.sdsucollegian.com.:Collegian Photo by Robby Gallagher#1.1602912:3099579550.jpg:Rhythmic Circus took the stage at the Performing Arts Center on Sept. 10.:Rhythmic Circus took the stage at the Performing Arts Center on Sept. 10 filling the building with music, dance and comedy.:Collegian Photo by Aaron Stoneberger