Hansen Hall group concerned

Tony Gorder

Tony GorderEditor-in-Chief

Some Hansen Hall residents are concerned about the hall’s agriculture heritage and traditions.

Former Hansen Hall Community Assistant Jackie Fitzgerald created the Facebook page “Keep The Ag Tradition Alive in Hansen Hall.” The page has over 250 followers and claims Residential Life is trying to get rid of the ag associations with Hansen Hall, something Residential Life denies.

“We have not cut out a single tradition,” said Hansen Residence Hall Director Jessica Woods. “We’re trying to stress that other majors live there 8212; that we have to be open to those other majors that live in the hall.”

Director of Residential Life Connie Crandall said that inclusiveness is something they are trying to do in all the halls, not just Hansen.

“We want all majors to feel welcome wherever they are assigned,” Crandall said. “We’re trying to stress that other majors live there, that we have to be open to those other major that live in the hall.”

Hansen Hall is located by many agriculture facilities on the west side of campus. It is also home to the Agriculture and Biology Living Learning Community on the second floor. Crandall said that because of this, many agriculture related majors gravitate towards Hansen Hall.

However, the majority of students in Hansen Hall are not ag majors, Crandall said.

Fitzgerald’s claims are based only on her opinion of what she perceives to be a phasing out of stereotypes Residential Life finds negative. She believes Residential Life finds labels like “Hick Hall” or “Cowboy Hall” offensive, when it’s really something people should be proud of.

“It’s about the same as an athlete being called a jock,” Fitzgerald said, adding that though the term “hick” may have started negatively, it should be used positively.

Fitzgerald also claimed that while she was a CA, Residential Life did not want an agriculture theme to be Hansen Hall’s hall theme.

“It was always very frowned upon because they didn’t want an ag feel in the building,” Fitzgerald said.

Crandall and Woods denied all claims the “ag tradition” is going away.

“We really don’t know where [Fitzgerald] is getting [her] perception of that …” Woods said. “We’re just trying to be a more inclusive community and open to everyone.”

“If we were trying to change [Hansen Hall] why would we leave the (Agriculture and Biology) Living Learning Community over there?” asked Crandall.

Fitzgerald had not met with Woods, Crandall or any other Residential Life staff member at the time of publication but has a meeting with Woods scheduled for Oct. 6.

“I’m not on a campaign trying to ruin [Residential Life] …” said Fitzgerald. “I’m just trying to get some concerns out there.”

Residential Life thinks the issue is a problem with communication, and encouraged any student to contact their residence hall director, CA or Residential Life if there are any concerns. Residential Life can be reached at 605-688-5148.

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