Halloween movie favorites


Tony Gorder,


My favorite scary movie is pretty recent. Paranormal Activity was very unsettling. Taking a note from Speilberg’s Jaws, the movie recognized that the most terrifying things are the unseen and implied. The movie builds slowly as each haunting encounter escalates the tension. By the end, I was exhausted and scared to be alone. Also, I’m glad an actual scary movie franchise is successful, as opposed to the gore porn gross-outs of the Saw series.

Megan Schiferl,

Juice Editor

The scariest movie I’ve ever seen is Finding Nemo. I’m a terrible swimmer and have an intense fear of abandonment.

Emma DeJong,

Managing Editor

One particularly creepy movie is Double Double Toil and Trouble. I was so scared for Mary-Kate and Ashley when they first meet the gardener! After my sister and I first watched this, we never made a promise without declaring we would cross our heart, hope to die and stick a needle in our eyes.

Laura Cox,

Visual Editor

I can’t handle scary movies. Take Jurassic Park, totally not scary, right? Wrong! By the time the T-rex footsteps are making the puddles and water bottles shake, I am already well into baking cookies. In short, popping a scary movie in the DVD player guarantees you some sweet snacks.

Frederic Cone,

News Editor

I would have to say that my favorite Halloween/horror movie of all time would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Though the movie wasn’t scary to me, it combined a traditional Christmas story with the traditional horror elements of Halloween in a stunningly creative and original new way. To have the elements of Halloween kidnap Santa Claus and try to create Christmas on their own I thought was incredibly ingenious on Tim Burton’s part.

Caitlin Pisha,

Visual Editor

When I was little, I loved to watch Casper the Friendly Ghost. I was fascinated with the idea of befriending a ghost and would daydream about what it would be like to move into a haunted mansion. In fact, I loved the movie so much that when I was a kindergartener I dressed up as Casper for Halloween.

Susan Smith,

Collegian Adviser

When I was 10 or so my babysitter let me watch Amityville Horror. She also ate all of the Pringles. Afterward I could not sleep for a week. My mom was really mad about both things.

David Hubbard,

Web Editor

I do not really watch traditional scary movies, I prefer thinker’s horror flicks, like Ninth Gate or From Hell, both of which star Johnny Depp. I also recently watched a remake of Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes in the lead role. It was interesting seeing him play such an evil character after The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Stardust. Barnes seems to share a lot of acting diversity with Mr. Depp.

Sara Carlson,

Visual Editor

I liked Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride because I’ve always liked animated films. Plus, I thought Emily was pretty. That might be weird to think that the Corpse Bride was pretty, but I did.

Ellen Nelson,

News Editor

The scariest movie for me is without a doubt the 1993 thriller, Hocus Pocus. I was four years old and can remember how much I cried. My mother should have known better in that I was not old enough to watch it.

Hannah Baker,

News Editor

I hate scary movies. I saw The Shining in the sixth grade … enough said.

Debbie Landwehr, Accounting Assistant

The Sixth Sense. I love this psychological thriller. It is much more than a scary movie; it’s about love and death and has so many layers to it. When I watched it for the first time the unexpected ending made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Ryan Robinson,

Photo Editor

I’m a big fan of the Saw movies, and I’m kind of excited for the 3D version of Saw 7 or whatever it is. It’s clearly gone on too long, but it’s an awesome series.

Ruth Brown,

Opinion Editor

My favorite scary movie is Paranormal Activity 2 because it isn’t the average slasher movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and the fact that you can’t actually see the demons makes you use your imagination. It also makes it even scarier when you go home after the movie because your afraid there will be something lurking in your dark hallway.

Drue Aman,

Sports Editor

Anaconda has always scared me the most. Enormous snakes, the Nile River, Jon Voight, and Ice Cube are four of my greatest fears.

Aerica Hasz,

Advertising Manager

I love the Saw series. Instead of it being just about scary things and people dying, it has a story line that makes you think.