IRC unites students from across the globe

Rose Aristeo

Rose AristeoReporter

The International Relations Council, formerly known as International Relations Club is the only umbrella organization that oversees smaller organizations, with the goal of working together on campus.

International students from 66 countries across the world are currently represented by IRC. Of those 66 countries, IRC takes responsibility in overseeing four main sub clubs: Chinese Students’ Scholars Association, Nepali Students’ Association, Indian Students’ Association, and African Students’ Association.

This fall, SDSU had the opportunity to greet approximately 500 international students from the 66 different countries represented. Of those 500, nearly 400 students are actively involved with IRC throughout the school year, keeping busy organizing events and voicing opinions.

International Relations Coordinator, Lin Lin, emphasizes the fact that IRC wants to create an increased welcoming atmosphere for the international students as well as the domestic students here on campus. A misconception regarding IRC is that participation within the council, as well as the festivities, are limited solely to international students.

“If you are talking about international relations in regards to meeting new people, it seems like segregating,” said Ely Madden, junior transfer student and english major. “A lot of people focus on the differences between people when we should focus on them as human beings. We are all human beings.”

IRC takes pride in welcoming everybody as a community and as human beings, highlighting the importance of full diversity.

“I’m very excited for the increasing international population. More and more countries are representing the SDSU campus … this is great,” Lin Lin said.

IRC, concerning future achievements, hopes to not only inform the public about the importance of diversity, but also to find innovative techniques essential for helping international students with their transitions to SDSU.

Beginning last semester IRC created numerous workshops to benefit students. Such workshops cover topics pertaining to healthcare and future career paths.

Vice President and senior visual arts major, Devanshu Narang, of Chandigarh, India is working alongside fellow IRC members in finding ways to ultimately benefit international and domestic students as a whole. He said he hopes that IRC allows for a growth of common ground between all students.

IRC in association with the four sub clubs have been dedicating an abundance of time to put together educational festivities, essential opportunities for the SDSU, as well as the Brookings community, to better enlighten themselves about different cultures.

International Relations Night, IRC’s upcoming event and annual tradition, gives international students the opportunity to inform SDSU about their culture using cuisine as a medium. By doing so, IRC hopes to unite people from all cultural backgrounds.

International Relations Night is Nov. 7, starting at 6 p.m., in the Volstorff Ballroom of The Union. The event features a buffet style dinner and a diversity showcase presented by students. Singing, dancing and a fashion show are among the entertainment offered.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $5 for kids (10 and under) and $7 for SDSU students (ID required).

“It’s going to be a great event (International Night). We had a full house last year. If you don’t come to this you will be missing out on a great college experience,” Narang said.

Madden, plans to attend the upcoming International Night.

“Generally speaking it’s good to expose people to these things [International Night]. It’s a great way to break the tension barrier between cultures,” Madden said. “It’s a good conduit to introduce.”

IRC welcomes volunteers. For further information regarding International Relations Council or International Relations Night please contact IRC President, Nardos Asfaw at [email protected] or Vice President Devanshu Narang at [email protected].

#1.1717739:3893883798.png:international-1-web.png:From left to right, Zhao Lee, Mayumi Morioka, Ladan Bahmani, Christophina Lynch, Shirin Pourafshar, Can Yang, Sun-hyeong Kim and Jeehee Ryu take time out of last year?s International Relations Night festivities for a group shot.:Submitted photo by Mayumi Morioka#1.1717743:3516583763.png:international-2-web.png:Front Row: Mayumi Morioka, Yuko Yoshii, Kanako Watanabe, and Minae Takahashi. Back Row: Yudai Kumano, Shogo Eguchi, Nobuyuki Izawa and Yuto Fujikawa.:Collegian photo by Yuko Yoshii