Alpha Xi Delta forced to relocate, heart-broken

Emma Dejong

Emma DejongManaging Editor

The Alpha Xi Delta sorority house was demolished at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 30 after the university bought the land to expand the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science building.

“They lived in that house until a week ago, Friday,” said Susan Strickler, housing corporation board president for Alpha Xi Delta. “Once the house was sold, they had to leave.”

The Alpha Xi Delta Corporation of Brookings owned the house, and SDSU purchased the property from the sorority for $270,000.

“Based on a recommendation by President (David) Chicoine, the Board of Regents made the ultimate decision to approve the use of the funds for the construction of the building, the timetable and the scope of the building project,” Chief Financial officer Wes Tschetter said.

In December 2009 SDSU asked the BOR if they could buy the land. This was approved in August by the 2010 South Dakota Legislature and signed by Governor Mike Rounds.

The committee for the EESC building is planning to meet before Oct. 13 and “a contract to the low bid for the building’s construction will be made,” Tschetter said.

“Construction will begin within a few weeks, if not sooner,” Tschetter said.

SDSU’s Alpha Xi Delta’s President Molly Eichenberger said she did not wish to comment about the situation.

Marysz Rames, vice president for Student Affairs, said the university has provided the girls who were living in the house a place to live that is off-campus.

“They are living in property that we have available,” Rames said. “There was support so they would have a place to land.”

ture have not been decided. Strickler said there are still many aspects that still need to be considered.

“The board has to decide what kind of money they want to spend,” Strickler said.

Tschetter said one possibility is that a new house will be built as a part of Greek Village, which is being developed.

“They will likely build a new house but this is the sorority’s decision,” Tschetter said.

#1.1668897:4059791854.jpg:AZD-4-Color-Ryan-Robinson.jpg:Alpha Xi Delta sorority girls watched together as their house was destroyed Sept. 30 to make room for the new engineering expansion. The girls all received a shingle from the house prior to the demolition as a momento, and they tied a rose to the front doorknob of the house as a symbol of love to the house they shared their lives in.:Collegian Photo by Ryan Robinson#1.1668903:1803213533.jpg:AZD-7-Color-Rachelle-Sather.jpg:The Alpha Xi Delta members watch as the demolition crew began work on their sorority house on Sept. 30. Building a new house in Greek Village is a possibility for the members.:Collegian Photo by Rachelle Sather#1.1668899:1416630752.jpg:AZD-5-Color-Ryan-Robinson.jpg:The new empty lot will be used to build an addition to the new engineering building. The Alpha Xi Delta sorority residents have been relocated to a new building in Greek Village.:Collegian Photo by Ryan Robinson#1.1668901:100057500.jpg:AZD-6-Color-Rachelle-Sather.jpg:Demolition of the sorority house took the majority of the day and brought the attention of many near by students. The Alpha Xi Delta girls were able to salvage all the radiators for recycling.:Collegian Photo by Ryan Robinson