SA petition shows integrity


Issue: The Students’ Association recently passed a resolution to petition Brookings City Council for $15,000 from third penny tax in funding to SDSU.

The third penny, or 3B tax, levees taxes .

The City of Brookings has the power to impose this third penny tax, which taxes leisurely expenditures like prepared foods. The city then uses the money raised from the tax for promotional events, including SDSU events.

ARAMARK, the vendor for all SDSU dining facilities, is subject to this tax. SDSU students are required to live on campus for two years, and those who live on campus are forced to buy a meal plan, meaning that this tax is not “optional” in the same way it is for all other Brookings residents, who choose to go out and eat.

The city council recently raised the 3B tax, and more student money than what was originally agreed upon is going to the city council.

Now, SA is petitioning the city council for $15,000 of 3B funding, and we stand behind them completely. Through ARAMARK and university policy, SDSU students are forced to pay this tax, and they deserve their fair share.

University Program Council holds many entertainment events like concerts and comedians that help the Brookings economy, so the money would be well spent going towards these events or, according to SA President Brett Monson, towards messaging boards promoting these events.

We applaud SA in taking positive action for the benefit of students. All SA senators swear to serve the student body to the best of their abilities, and by petitioning for this funding, they are doing just that. If the money is provided to SDSU, it would go directly back to benefiting the student body and the community.

As students, we deserve this funding. We pay a large chunk of the tax, so we should get some of the benefits. We encourage all students to appear at the city council meeting to show their support for SA’s petition. Let’s show how active and engaged we are and make it very difficult for the city council to deny us the funds.

Stance: We support SA’s efforts to petition city council. They are taking a stand on an important issue and actively serving the students. All students should come to the Oct. 26 Brookings City Council meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall. Let’s have our voices heard.