Avalon ?stoked? for South Dakota premiere

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertSenior Reporter

If you want to learn how to “Jane Fonda,” don’t miss Mickey Avalon’s performance Oct. 28 at the Swiftel Center.

This is rap artist Mickey Avalon’s first stop to Brookings, not to mention South Dakota.

“I’m totally stoked to come to South Dakota,” said Avalon. “I want to play all 50 states and this is one of the few that I’ve never been to.”

Before Avalon’s solo career launched, he was in a rap group called Dyslexic Speedreaders. Since then it has been all Mickey. His solo career took off with the release of his self-titled album in 2006.

Avalon is known for his divisive and sometimes controversial lyrics. He uses humor in many of his lyrics to poke fun at certain people, but also to describe certain events in his life.

Avalon is a rap music fan by nature, but he gets inspiration from all different genres of music.

“I obviously listen to rap but I also listen to a lot of Country Music right now,” said Avalon. “Rockabilly was the first music I was introduced to but I would love to work with Lucinda Williams and Hank Williams III.”

Avalon’s new album, Electric Gigolo consists of collaborations with Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Kid Rock.

Dame Fifty5 and Chanel from MTV’s Fantasy Factory will join Avalon in concert.

Dame said he this is also his first time coming to South Dakota, and he’s excited to play for a group of college students.

“I’m actually from Cincinnati and I haven’t been to that side of the map in a while,” said Dame. “Cincinnati isn’t exactly Midwest, but it’s out that way- I’m really stoked to be honest with you.”

Chanel has been busy recording in her California studio, but she is pleased to take time out of her schedule to make the trip to Brookings.

The CEO of Skyline Entertainment in Brookings, Reza Borchardt, helped arrange these artists’ schedules to make the show possible.

“South Dakota isn’t typically known for attracting a huge volume of Top 40 artists and television celebrities,” said Borchardt. “Our goal was to create a huge concert event, in-between Hobo Days and Halloween that SDSU students don’t often get a chance to attend without making a road-trip.”

Avalon and company have a studio interview scheduled just before the show at SDSU radio station, KSDJ. Tickets for the concert are still on sale, and available at the Swiftel box office.

#1.1731058:3497268999.png:Mickey-Avalon.png:Mickey Avalon will bring his unique rap sound to South Dakota and the Swiftel Center Oct. 28.:Submitted Photo