Gallery showcases hobo traditions

Frederic Cone

Frederic ConeNews Editor

The excitement was overwhelming outside the main doors of the new Hobo Day gallery as some 100 people waited for the dedication ceremony to begin.

The newly renovated Campanile room and gallery were packed from wall to wall as patrons listened to Nick Wendell, assistant director for student activities, open the dedication ceremony.

Marysz Rames, vice president of student affairs along with Grand Pooba Robin Bickel, spoke to the crowd about the importance of Hobo Day, the Hobo Day gallery and the bummobile showcase.

“I am so lucky that the gallery and bummobile showcase were able to be finished before leaving SDSU,” said Brett Monson, president of the Student’s Association. “It really caps off my time here at SDSU.”

The Hobo Day committee performed a “60s style song and dance performance, and free DVDs about the restoration of the bummobile were available.

John Young, 1952 Hobo Day chairman, was on hand as well to be a part of the dedication ceremony. Young was the chairman when President Dwight D. Eisenhower came to SDSU.

Young had donated his chairman case to be a part of the Hobo Day memorabilia housed in the gallery. Young also donated a photograph of himself and Eisenhower sitting in the bummobile in front of the old library.

“I’m very happy SDSU has finally created a public area to showcase the bummobile and the other Hobo Day memorabilia, like my case and photograph,” Young said. “It’s important for students and faculty to know what it means to be a part of Hobo Day.”