Trip helps young artists design futures


Anne Virginia KoeppReporter

Twenty-six students from SDSU’s graphic design department and the art club went to New York City from Sept. 18 to 25.

“The purpose of the trip was to study graphic design and visual arts in New York City and obtain firsthand information on becoming a graphic designer or fine artist,” said Tim Steele, professor of graphic design and acting head of the department of visual arts of SDSU.

The trip consisted of visiting a variety of museums and design studios around the city. The schedule included famous sites such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

“While in New York, students toured the major museums of the city and saw many of the world’s iconic art and design works,” said Steele.

The group stopped at Sterling Brands, a company known for their work with the popular brands Twizzler, Hershey and Disney.

Students were given the opportunity to ask designers questions about their work and to visit actual studios where the work was created. They were also able to see every step in the process including thumbnails and sketches to the final product.

“We even got to go to the Ralph Lauren fashion studio where we got to see the entire process of fashion design,” said Cassie Sigman, a graphic design major from Sturgis. “It was so interesting.”

Among the places visited was Carol Hepper’s, a South Dakota native, studio.

“I learned so many things on the trip,” said Sigman.

Students heard presenters talk about what to do to prepare for an interview for a job in the design field, what to include in their portfolios and multiple aspects of graphic design.

“It was a wonderful opportunity for them to engage in a real life learning experience and obtain professional advice from some the world’s foremost practicing artists and graphic designers,” said Steele.

Students on the trip were able to see a majority of print design locations as well as one video graphics studio.

To get around the city, the students used public transportation systems including metro cards and the subway.

Apart from the museums and studios, the students were able to see Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

Times Square was Sigman’s favorite site, she said.

“We even made it to the Broadway show, Promises Promises,” said Sigman. “A few of us went to the Yankees game while we were there too.”

Overall, the trip was a great experience Sigman said.

Would she go again?

“Oh my gosh, yes.”