No lazy bums found at Bum Olympics

Daniel Roberts

Daniel RobertsReporter

After being raced across a room in a mummy blanket, frantically shoving crackers into his mouth and barely squeaking out a whistle, sophomore CJ Medved and his Delta Chi teammates won first place in the Bum Olympics.

The games were held on Oct. 19 in the Volstorff Ballroom at 8 p.m.

“It was the first [Hobo Day] event that brought all the teams together that are competing for the Spirit Cup,” Medved said.

The Bum Olympics was comprised of 11 teams ranging from student organizations to residence halls. Teams competed in a variety of challenges for points, which have been accumulating throughout the week. The team with the highest point-total at the week’s end will win the Spirit Cup.

“It’s an event meant to get as many SDSU students involved as possible. It’s a friendly competition in which members of student organizations get to meet people they might not have had the opportunity to meet on their own,” Grand Pooba Robin Bickel said.

Many challenges and obstacles composed the Bum Olympics. Events included Dizzy Lizzy, where teams of 10 spun around a bat 10 times and drank a juice container. Another event required teams to eat four saltine crackers and whistle Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star.

Other events included a relay race where four teammates carried one another in a blanket. The hippie trivia event asked questions ranging from Woodstock to sitcom TV.

Senior Brock Nelson of Delta Chi competed in his fourth Bum Olympics.

“It was a very competitive year,” Nelson said. “We had to bring our top game to pull out the victory.”

Teams competed in two groups: one composed of residence halls and Greek life, the other of student organizations. Of the residence halls, Wineta Hall took first, with Brown Hall and Jackrabbit Village facing a sudden death competition for second place. Brown Hall resulted in edging over Jackrabbit Village. On the Greek Life side of games, Farmhouse took third, Sig Ep placed second and Delta Chi finished first.

Bum Olympics was just the start of the events planned for Hobo Week. Those who did not attend will have more opportunities with Cavorts, the Miss Homelycoming Pagent, and the Bum-a-Meal dinner to both gain points and meet all the student organizations hoping to win the Spirit Cup.

#1.1717681:927938367.png:Bum-Olympics-2-Aaron-Stoneberger.png:Jason Norgaard, Chance Wachholtz, Brandon Bausch, Michael Kendall and, in blanket, Bradley Swanson, show their true Jackrabbit within as they battle to win the Bum Olympics.:Collegian Photo by Aaron Stoneberger#1.1717680:1101663746.png:Bum-Olympics-1-Aaron-Stoneberger.png::