Dude looks like a lady

Shelli White

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The yearly event Miss Homelycoming brings a host of interesting looks and fashions to the stage with one catch: the men are dressed-up as women.

SDSU males have a chance to be a part of a unique beauty pageant this week with one condition: they must be dressed in drag.

“What is better than a bunch of dudes dressing up like chicks?” said Steven Grovenburg, a senior theater major.

This year marks the fifth annual Miss Homelycoming pageant, and it is free for everyone to attend.

The pageant will showcase 8 to 15 men competing for SDSU’s Miss Homelycoming title at 8 p.m. on Oct. 20 in the Performing Arts Center.

“It is one of the most popular pageants on campus,” said Ashton Wenz, the University Program Council coordinator in charge of Miss Homelycoming.

Wenz said around 700 people attended Miss Homelycoming last year.

This year’s pageant is based on the homecoming’s theme Peace, Love and Hobos, so students can expect to see “60s attire and music.

Contestants are judged on swimwear, eveningwear, talent, interview skills and their biography page submitted before the event. Contestants’ overall personality will also be taken into consideration, “except there has to be some interesting outfits along with the outstanding talents,” Wenz said.

Mark York, who holds the 2009 Miss Homelycoming title, said Miss Homelycoming is an easy opportunity to be funny.

“Usually a guy dressed as a girl instantly makes people laugh,” he said.

York said he is ready to pass the “honor” of Miss Homelycoming on, as the event is about more than the title.

“Even if I had lost, it was well worth it,” York said. “It was fun.”

The winner of Miss Homelycoming gets to ride in the Hobo Day parade wearing a sash and holding a sign announcing their title, Wenz said.

“Winners are treated like a real pageant winner,” she said. “They are asked to help with fundraisers and to make appearances in full garb.”

York offered advice to the contestants for this year’s pageant.

“Make sure to look good &- whatever that means for a boy dressing up as a girl,” he said.

#1.1717675:3775160716.png:beautiful.png:Mark York?s dancing skills help him steal the crown in last years competition.:#1.1717674:3085983820.png:beautiful-4-bw.png:During the last Miss Homelycoming,Tim Goldammer shows off his talent for the judges.:#1.1717671:1668640725.png:beautiful-2-bw-cutout.png:Mark York wows the crowd with his interview responses.:#1.1717673:3174394197.png:beautiful-3-bw.png::