Retain Merchant?s Progressive Voice


I urge District 7 voters to return Pam Merchant to the State Senate in the upcoming election. She represents a progressive voice for not only the people of this District, but for the entire state.

Senator Merchant has taken a keen interest in the state’s tax structure. She has supported removal of the State sales tax on food. As an economist and a citizen concerned with tax “fairness”, I have strongly supported Senator Merchant’s position in this area. Our state tax structure is very regressive, and removing the sales tax on home-consumed food would be one way to make it a little less regressive.

This is but one example of Senator Merchant’s views on state government, views much in tune with those of a progressive, university-based community such as ours. Senator Merchant also is a strong supporter of education. She was very critical of the way education funding was handled in the last legislative session.

We need to maintain Pam Merchant’s presence in Pierre. Her voice is desperately needed in a Legislature that often is all too satisfied with the status quo.

— Thomas Dobbs

131 Jefferson Avenue, Brookings, S.D.