College of General Studies plans on changing name to University College

Daniel Roberts

Daniel RobertsReporter

While many construction projects and changes are happening on campus, the College of General Studies is thinking about jumping on the bandwagon in the near future.

“The College of General Studies is a mission to help students determine a major, give them a skill-set to be successful in college as well as lifelong learners and ultimately help them find jobs,” said Keith Corbett, dean of the College of General Studies.

Corbett said the College of General Studies offers a variety of services, including help for finding an internship, resume building and also enhancing interview and networking skills.

Although they offer many services, the college has been looking to make some changes in the future. The biggest of these changes is the name of the college.

“While looking at how other universities operate their College of General Studies, we noticed a constant theme … the name of their general studies college is University College,” Corbett said.

Corbett said that while reviewing other universities in the region, such as Montana State and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, many in the department felt they could improve the College of General Studies and its cooperation with other entities on campus.

Jared Darling, a senior political science major and senator at large, thinks a name change will be a good way to re-brand the College of General Studies.

“Providing a more unified vision for the College of General Studies has probably been needed for a while,” Darling said.

Hassan Ali, a sophomore in the College of General Studies and senator for the college feels the name change is not necessary. Ali said that if called the University College, students might loose sight of the college’s focus which offers guidance through general courses until students are sure of their major.

“I feel that by trying to make SDSU more like other universities, we at SDSU take away from what makes us unique here,” Ali said.

The name change has been proposed and no time table has been set for the switch. Whether the change happens in the future or not, the College of General Studies will continue to offer services that aid students in choosing their path through out college and life as well.