Cross country deserves equal coverage in The Collegian


I am extremely disappointed with the Sports section of the most recent edition of The Collegian. The front page of the sports section was dedicated to the volleyball and football teams who had losses this week. Most of the inside cover was about the women’s soccer team qualifying for the tournament. Finally, I noticed a small article in the bottom left corner regarding the second Summit League Conference title earned by the men’s cross country team. This was some of the best sports news for SDSU and was clearly overlooked by The Collegian staff. This is a huge accomplishment that went almost unrecognized by the paper. Instead of featuring the losses of the volleyball and football team on the front page, it would have been nice to see more recognition for a second consecutive conference title. Furthermore, there are no student athlete quotes in the cross country article, while the other sports had quotes from featured athletes. I would have liked to hear how the cross country team felt about their big win, and what this means for the growth and strength of the program. This makes me think The Collegian is biased in sports reporting and contributes more time towards sports they deem worthy of attention. The Collegian sports writers shouldn’t choose which sports they feel are more important, but should respect each sport with equal coverage and feature wins not losses. Not featuring the Summit League Champions on the front page was absolutely unacceptable. The Collegian needs to be pointing out these wins because it means a lot to the school and to the Athletic Department, showing that our sports are able to compete at the division one level with success. Lastly, I would like to congratulate the cross country on their second consecutive win and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by all.


Michelle Schuch