Review: Einstein Bros. Bagels

Frederic Cone

Frederic ConeNews Editor

If you are looking for an alternative to the run of the mill fare offered in The Union then check out Einstein Brothers’ Bagels. The espresso drinks are robustly flavorful and the plain bagels with cream cheese leave your mouth watering and contemplating to go back for another.

Recently I went there in the early afternoon to try out their bagels and grab an Americano but I have to say I was only marginally impressed.

As soon as you walk in, to the right is a section of high back booths with low hanging lighting that seems like someone was trying too hard to re-create the muted and dark coolness of an art house coffee shop. Unfortunately the design, decor and furniture appear contradictory to this type of ambiance.

At the counter there is a rather large drink island standing directly in front of it, very reminiscent of one you would find at a fast food restaurant or in a cafeteria of a hospital.

Although there were several tall tables in the central dining area for people to eat and drink, unfortunately there were no chairs available to enjoy the space when I went.

The large windows on south and west walls with small tables and lounge chairs along the edge offered some very comfortable spots to enjoy food and drink while looking out on campus.

I imagine those spots will be nice places to relax as the weather turns and the ground will be covered with snow.

The saving grace for Einstein Brothers’ is their coffee, variety of bagels and sandwiches they have available.

I ordered an Americano coffee and a regular bagel with cream cheese, wanting to be able to taste the actual coffee and the flavor of the bagel without all the distracting flavors of the various sandwiches.

My Americano was excellent. It had a robust nutty flavor to it and was brewed the right way so as not to have the bitter taste associated with coffee that has been over brewed or scorched.

As for my bagel with cream cheese, it was exactly what I remembered of the bagels I would get from the shop down the street from my apartment out in Seattle, WA. The crust was crisp and the center was chewy though not tough in any way.

The cream cheese spread balanced perfectly and left me satisfied.

Overall my experience at Einstein brothers’ was a mixed bag. I don’t particularly like the decor and ambiance of Einstein’s though they make up for it with robust tasting coffee and great bagels.

Perhaps next time I will try one of the sandwiches, although the prices are little steep. But I guess it can be expected being a café situated on a college campus.

#1.1743569:1064015770.png:Einstein Bros 11-03-2010 58:Einstein Bros Bagels recently opened a store on the west side of The Union where they offer a large variety of bagel sandwhiches and both hot and cold beverages.:Collegian Photo by Aaron Stoneberger