The Peg Leg Update heads into its second year

Frederic Cone

Frederic ConeNews Editor

The Peg Leg Update surfaced in the fall of 2009 and has established itself as a venue for readers and writers alike to enjoy and showcase work of a more artistic nature.

The PLU is a monthly print publication that focuses is on publishing long creative non-fiction and fiction works, poetry, art, local events and news.

“Poetry, paintings and passionate opinions need a home in the Brookings area and I think we have the ability to provide that,” said Mitch LeClair, SDSU alumnus and founder of The Peg Leg Update. “Contributors to the PLU write about topics we think might be mildly interesting to people using their toilets or waiting for an Americano.”

In addition to the print copy available the PLU also has a website,, where longer articles, video and interactive work can be showcased.

“We have plans and ideas to do short-form documentaries, scholarly papers, podcasts and satirical videos that will soon be a part of the website, it all depends on our personal motivations to get it under way,” LeClair said.

The distribution spots for the PLU include local coffee houses, a few spots on campus and a few bars in town.

“An updated, solid map will be up on our website with our first-of-the-fall print issues release,” LeClair said.

Mitch and a close group of friends collaborated near the end of summer 2009 and devised plans for the publication including printing schedules, content ideas and branding elements.

“I wanted to provide a space for fledgling creative minds … ” LeClair said. “I also wanted to gain experience in a managerial role in a publishing effort before graduating SDSU, so I figured I might as well start my own publication.”

LeClair graduated in spring 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in journalism with minors in English and professional writing.

The other two main figure heads of the PLU are SDSU seniors Simeon Brown, who is majoring in English and minoring in professional writing, and Catey Watkins, who is an advertising major.

“Most everyone involved is a current SDSU student, we have seen interest from students studying in a wide spectrum of majors,” LeClair said.

Although LeClair is the founder of the PLU, the name of the publication supposedly came from Simeon Brown.

“I would like to lay this claim once and only once, the idea for the name of the magazine was mine. Mitch was the one that who brought up the fact that Wilmont Wood Brookings had peg legs, but I was the first one to say “Peg Leg Update.”

“Mitch is very smart about staying hip and he encourages us to be innovative,” Brown said.

#1.1782255:1620207886.png:Peg-Leg-Submitted-Photo.png:The Peg Leg Update features many student writers. The magazine contains various articles and stories, including news and poetry.:Submitted Photo