Campus communication goes digital

Hannah Baker

Hannah BakerNews Editor

In an effort to raise activity awareness and broaden communication on campus, the Students’ Association is buying message boards to place in high traffic areas.

SA President Brett Monson said communication is key in getting students involved in campus events.

“Right now there’s no great way to communicate with students, letting them know when games, musical performances and things like that are taking place,” said Monson. “This will let them know when stuff is happening.”

Monson said they contemplated a few different types of message boards before deciding on video message boards.

“We looked at boards that had scrolling letters and also the video boards. We decided the video ones were the best fit but we are just making sure we choose a system that we can manage and one that regulates with Info Exchange.”

Funding for the project will come from the recent 3B tax increase amount SA was currently given as of the Nov. 9 City Council meeting.

“Funding for this project is coming from the 3B if approved by the Visitors Promotion Board fund,” Monson said. “Hopefully we can keep students in town for events if we communicate better with them.”

Josh Shultz, a junior nursing major, thinks having message boards around campus would be very beneficial to student awareness of campus events.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Shultz said. “Living off campus it’s hard to hear about when things are going on, such as sporting events, so having message boards around to see when some things are coming up would be great.”

As for where each board will be placed, Monson said that is still being decided. However he said SA will place them “strategically” on campus.

“One will go in The Union and the Athletic Department wants one in Frost Arena in the southeast corner displaying different athletic events. Then one is going to go in Medary Commons on the west side of campus,” Monson said.

Shultz said the boards should go in places with the most traffic.

“One should go in The Union for sure, the Wellness Center and possibly places like in the Rotunda or Bio-stress.”

Serena Reiken, a junior animal science major, said she thinks the message boards are a great idea as well.

“I think it would be a good idea … The best places to put them would be in The Union or maybe the library.”

Monson said SA is hoping to get these boards up and running by the end of the semester.

“We’re hoping this will be done by Christmas Break but depends on who gets the bid for the project … March for sure.”

#1.1782121:3979605133.png:DSC_0502.png:Video message boards will be additional communication tools to the crowded bulletin boards scattered across campus. Student Association is hoping to use 3B tax dollars to fund the project.:collegian photo by ryan robinson