Veteran?s Vigil paid respect to fallen soldiers everywhere


At South Dakota State University Air Force ROTC held their 22nd Annual Veteran’s Vigil, on Nov. 11. Opening ceremonies began at 10:45 a.m. at the Brookings County Veterans Memorial on Western Avenue and 8th Street West. Between 60 and 70 Air Force cadets participated in the 24-hour march. The cadets marched in pairs for half hour shifts while remaining silent to pay respect to the memory of the veterans. The vigil concluded at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11 with the closing ceremony, where the flame that burns the entire vigil is extinguished.

Veterans’ day is an easy day to overlook and forget about why we celebrate the day, but for these cadets the sacrifice that the veterans have given is remembered throughout the 24-hour march. This country owes a great debt of respect to anyone who has served our country. Any cadet would say that they have been inspired in some way by a story of one of the heroes who sacrificed any part of their life.

A student at SDSU and member of AFROTC, Cadet Hahn, quoted, “Veteran’s Vigil makes me think about everything veterans have done, making me want to step up in some way and repay them for what they have done.” Every cadet should want to step up and repay the veterans for the great honor they have gave this country. The Veteran’s Vigil is a nice way to show honor and respect towards the veterans of all the wars; even though our community might seem rather small, the meaning is larger than anyone can imagine.

Cadet Sarah Geiser and Cadet Anthony Skaggs