Tony Gorder

Tony GorderEditor-in-Chief

Each semester we take applications and interview students for staff positions. If you have any interest in working in a newsroom, getting real-life news experience and getting a scholarship, stop by our office in The Union basement (next to the Multicultural Center) to grab an application.

Application are due April 8

Here is a list and brief description of the staff positions.


Managing Editor

Advertising Manager

News Editor

As news editor, you’ll manage reporters, helping them craft their stories and locate sources when needed. Reporters will send their stories to you for editing. You’ll make the necessary changes or ensure the report makes changes then send the story to the newsroom. You’ll also act as reporters when needed.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, you’ll experience the hustle and bustle of the newsroom, editing stories after the news pages are designed. Strong writing skills required.

Visual Editors

Visual editors, you will place page elements using Adobe InDesign. But don’t worry, you won’t only be pushing text boxes around. As a college newspaper, we have more freedom to experiment, and as visual editor, experiment you shall8212;illustrations, graphics, typeface art. You name it, we’re open to it. You are only limited by your skill set.

We’re looking for a range of skills, from those simply comfortable with InDesign to those who can work magic in Illustrator. You’ll be in the newsroom on Mondays and Tuesdays, designing and putting out a visually pleasing product.

Web Editor

Manage, maintain and ensure the excellence of You’ll prep content on Tuesdays and place all content on the site by Wednesday. Applicants should be tech savvy and know the ways of the Interenetz.

Assistant Web Editor

You’ll help the web editor prepare and place content online. This position would preferably go to a junior or lower who could return the for the Fall 2011 semester.

Sports Editor

As sports editor, you are in charge of the entire sports section. You’ll manage reporters, come up with content, and assign, edit and write stories. Knowledge of sports and strong writing skills are required.

You’ll be down in the newsroom every Monday and Tuesday for production.

Juice Editor

The Juice section is our arts and entertainment section. You’ll find interesting and unique content that fills with the Juice’s slogan of “Culture. Arts. Entertainment.” Knowledge of pop-culture, current trends and a creative mind is a must. You’ll be in charge of the reporters writing Juice stories, and you may have to write stories as well. You’ll be in the newsroom every Monday and Tuesday as well, coordinating with visual editors to create a more artsy-looking page.

Photo Chief

You’ll manage all the photographers and coordinate outstanding photos to accompany our stories. A strong passion for photography is required. You should also know how to edit photos in Photoshop and write cut lines. You’ll be in the office Monday and Tuesday nights.

Opinion Editor

As opinion editor, you’ll find entertaining and well-versed writers to fill our opinion pages. You’ll arrange a rotation of regular columnists and seek out guest columnists. Strong organization and communication skills are required. Adobe InDesign skills are a plus.

Marketing and Branding

This is a new position that would involve a creative, passionate person that could help define the role. You would help The Collegian brand and market itself better. This could be anything from arranging advertisements and posters on campus to thinking of fun events/contests The Collegian could do to better promote itself. You would also manage The Collegian’s social media.

Not what you’re looking for? Perhaps you’d like to consider these more flexible positions.


You’ll write stories on a weekly or semi-weekly basis and come to weekly meetings.


You’ll take photos on a weekly or semi-weekly basis and come to weekly meetings.

Ad Rep

You’ll sell advertisements and maintain client accounts on a weekly basis.

Ad Designer

You’ll design assigned advertisements on a weekly basis.