Across the Flying Circus

Casi Huizenga

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SDSU students can claim all kinds of talents. For the students that make up the local band Across the Flying Circus, their talents lie within the music they make.

The band was formed in March of 2010 when Andrew Rodgers had the idea to create a band with Alex Kunz and Noah Brown, whom he knew from Roosevelt High School. Rodgers met Colby Seifert while both were members of the State University Theatre’s production of The Wind in the Willows. Seifert and Rodgers were both members of the pit band and later invited him to join Across the Flying Circus.

Their unique name came about as a result of the band members’ ingenuity. The name came out of a band brainstorming session and it just sounded good, according to the band.

The members have all been involved in music for most of their lives. Rodgers, a music merchandising major plays guitar and was involved in several bands in high school. Brown, a mechanical engineering major, plays bass and played in a Christian rock band in high school. Kunz, also a music merchandising major, has been singing his whole life. Seifert is a general studies major and is the band’s drummer.

When asked to describe their music style, it was hard to raise a general consensus.

“We throw a lot of elements together,” Seifert said. “Along the way, I think that all these different songs have helped us grow together as a band rather than just four guys playing together.”

“It kind of depends on what we’re tackling at the moment,” Rodgers said.

Overall, the band is still getting its footing and developing its own sense of style.

Coming up with a song can often prove to be difficult. Across the Flying Circus has a collaborative mentality when it comes to their songs. Their songs often come from a simple idea of how something should sound. One band member brings an idea to a rehearsal, and the band works together to create something even better. Typically, the band writes about various experiences, relationships and whatever they’re feeling.

The band is very focused on the fans. They rely on the fans to help direct them on what style of music to write. They love the encouragement from fans as it helps their creativity.

“Fans really are a motivational tool,” Seifert said.

Currently, the band is trying to get more original material for their first album, which will hopefully be released soon. Also, they love doing live shows and hope to book more in the future.

“Just keep an eye on us,” Seifert said.

At their first live performance, Cavorts, the band focused on getting the crowd involved.

By allowing their personalities to shine through on stage, they hope to create an entertaining experience to go along with great music.

“We’re all big goofballs,” Rodgers said. “I think that translates fairly well when we play life … people don’t go to a concert only to hear music. They want to be entertained.”

They hope to reach people online and at live events as well.

The band claims that social media was responsible for the start of the band’s fan base. Through Facebook and YouTube, they were able to create some notoriety with original songs, then work to expand their endeavors to live shows.

“Social media has been crucial to the development of this band and it still is,” Rodgers said. “Across the Flying Circus wouldn’t exist without social media.”

The entire band seemed to agree that the fans were the only real reason they are together and producing music. After all, without someone to listen to the music, a band is just four guys playing together.

You can check the band out on YouTube and Facebook at

#1.1814366:115528179.png:Across-the-Flying-Circus-Aaron-Stoneberger-1.png:From left to right: Andrew Rodgers, Noah Brown, Alex Kunz, and Colby Seifert. The four band members hope to soon produce a first, original album. Their journey began as an online media project. :Collegian Photo by Aaron Stoneberger