Philosphy Club

Frederic Cone

Frederic ConeNews Editor

Beginning in the spring semester students will be able to ponder the meaning of life and all other existential matters, as the new Philosophy Club will begin meeting.

Chad Lemme, a sophomore majoring in history, and Dan Christensen, a senior economy major, have been working hard over the past month to try and get a philosophy club up and running.

“I’m looking forward to having a philosophical organization on campus. Philosophy has been very under-represented here at SDSU,” Christensen said.

The two of them have a subcommittee meeting on Dec. 8 to finalize the club and have their constitution approved. After that the Philosophy Club will be official and can begin holding meetings.

“We are still trying to arrange a meeting place and time, but Dan and I had talked just briefly about it and it sounds like we will meet bi-monthly in The Union somewhere in the evening,” Lemme said. “We will, however, be working this out upon our club’s approval and will let everyone who is interested know.”

One of their main goals in getting a philosophy club going is to generate a large enough student interest in philosophy that would cause SDSU to consider implementing a major in philosophy.

“The department has proposed a major a number of times over the years, but these proposals have yet to receive administrative approval,” said Greg Peterson, program coordinator and professor of philosophy and religion. “If there [was] a philosophy club with enough student interest, that may help the case for pursuing a major.”

The Philosophy Department will have no official connection to the student-run philosophy club but according to Lemme, they have been incredibly helpful with the two of them getting it up and running.

Both Lemme and Christensen are passionate about philosophy and hope they will be able to build upon that within the club once it is up and running. Lemme has even enlisted the help of his brother, Cole Lemme, in trying to get people involved with the club.

“Philosophy is the most important aspect of life as far as I’m concerned. We live in a society governed by something else than the need for food and survival,” Cole Lemme said.

Over Christmas break, the three of them will place flyers all over campus to let the student body know when and where they will meet and how to get in contact with them if they are interested.

Currently, if students are interested in getting involved, they can contact Chad Lemme at his email address [email protected].

#1.1825240:377378977.png:Philosophy-Ryan-Robinson-7.png:Chad Lemme, sophmore history major, catches up on some reading from one of his many philosophy books. Lemme, along with Dan Christensen, a senior economy major, are starting up a new philosophy club on campus.:Collegian Photo by Ryan Robinson