Staff Q & A: What was the worst Christmas present you ever received?


It didn’t exactly constitute as a definite Christmas present, but when I was nine, right around Christmas time, my parents sat my siblings and I down and informed us that we would be getting a new baby brother or sister. I cried.

Megan Schiferl, Juice Editor

I cannot recall what my worst gift was, as I believe there is never such a thing as a “bad” gift. However, I do recall receiving the final draft on my divorce papers just after the Christmas of 1997. At the time I thought it was the worst thing I could have received at Christmas, but looking back it was a blessing in disguise.

David Hubbard, Web Editor

For me it wasn’t ever receiving a really crappy gift but as a child, since my birthday is on Dec. 14, my parents would on many occasions combine birthday gifts with Christmas gifts under the disguise of receiving a more expensive present. While this may have in fact been true, as I child it’s quantity not quality that matters, and it sucked getting fewer presents on both holidays, as well as having to watch my siblings continue to open presents Christmas morning when I was already done.

Frederic Cone, News Editor

One year I got a pair of cheap-o earrings with an obvious flaw in them. On top of that, my ears weren’t even pierced at the time.

Sara Carlson, Visual Editor

Second grade. Mandatory under five dollar gift exchange. Lucky me, I received this “perfume powder” from a girl. Though really, it was just baby powder.

Ellen Nelson, News Editor

One time when I was much younger I received a figurine of a mouse sleeping in a fluffy bed that was supposed to play a lullaby when you turned the little knob. However, it did not work and the mouse was ugly. Bummer. Oh wait, don’t stop reading now. The next year the careless giver gave me the same gift. Double bummer.

Hannah Baker, News Editor

This hideous purse a friend gave me once. It was lime green and had animals on it. Very strange.

Ruth Brown, Opinion Editor

My dad always bought presents for himself and put my name on it. It was kind of funny, but still.

Emma DeJong, Managing Editor

A furry sweatshirt… it looked like a bunny threw up on it. The worst part was that when I opened it, my mom said “I saw that and automatically thought of you!”

Kristine Young, News Editor

The worst gifts ever are bath salts and scrubs, bubble bath, basically those bath gift baskets everybody loves to give. Not only do I already have piles of them, but they smell wretched, and I’m allergic to most of them. Plus, I haven’t taken a bath since I was three and told my mother the tub was filled with hot lava.

Laura Cox, Visual Editor

I once got a weird clown figurine thing. It was definitely not cute. More scary than anything.

Aerica Hasz, Ad Manager

I’ve yet to receive a gift that I disliked. I received a crate-full of Snack Pack Pudding one year that lasted me through the weekend.

Drue Aman, Sports Editor

Socks. However, now I realize that socks are a pretty valuable gift as a college student.

Marcus Traxler, Assistant Sports Editor

Once as part of a secret Santa exchange, I received a half-eaten pack of gum.

Caitlin Pisha, Visual Editor

A long time ago, I received a skateboard. As awesome as that was, I had zero balance at the time and that “awesome” gift turned into a sad, bloody x-mas….

Ryan Robinson, Photo Editor

My worst Christmas gifts were pink because I don’t like pink things. But I just bought a pink crochet hook holder so maybe the pink things would actually be OK now.

Susan Smith, Advisor

My grandma used to send me underwear.

Debbie Landwehr, Media Accounting Assistant

All gifts are great because they’re something you wouldn’t normally have. Shame on all of you for complaining about free stuff.

Tony Gorder, Editor-in-Chief