Top ten tips for Christmas lists


Hannah Baker & Ellen NelsonNews Editors

We all know Christmas is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” but when your budget gets smaller and the list of names to shop for gets longer, it can be a struggle. Therefore, we’ve put our non-expert brains together and have come up with a list of shopping tips to hopefully make your holiday season a little less hectic.

Be a creep. Not in neighbors’ windows, but in department stores. See what you like and compare prices between stores before you fork out half a paycheck on mom’s precious red sweater she’s been hinting at since Thanksgiving.

Shop Online. It’s warmer. It’s safer and you can do it in your underwear, or less, whatever.

Expand your horizons. Think of what the person your shopping for would like and put your ego aside for a few hours to shop in stores you’d normally avoid like wearing jeggings in public. You’ll be getting gifts of your own too.

The key to their hearts is through their stomachs. Don’t underestimate it. Gift cards to favorite restaurants never go out of style and if you aren’t exactly the creative type, it’s an easy fix for that special someone.

Re-gift. Be cautious with this one, but if you have something you have never used and will never use, give it to someone who might. However, make sure you don’t give it to the person who gave it to you. That could result in a mountain of apologies and hurt feelings.

Craft it yourself. When gifts are made they are more personal. Fleece blankets, scarves, pictures frames, can all be personalized to fit every type of person.

Be realistic. Let’s be honest, most of us are poor college kids. Don’t spend more than your budget allows and pinch pennies when necessary.

Think events. Tickets to concert, shows, movies, etc. all make great gifts. That way you can buy two tickets and share the experience with the other person and not only make their Christmas special, but yours as well.

Remember past gifts. Though Dad really liked that Swiss army knife from last year, it doesn’t mean he wants it again this year. Don’t forget what you already gave people the year before because if you end up giving the same gift twice, you risk being perceived as careless.

Donate gifts to the needy. Pick an ornament with a name of a less fortunate child off of the Angel Trees located in The Union, Wal-mart or others places around Brookings. Giving to someone who really needs it not only will make his or her Christmas a little better, but yours as well.

There you have it. So get out there, or sit on those five extra pounds in front of your laptop and start shopping. This does not have to be painful, so make sure you have fun with it and spread that Christmas cheer. Remember: No one likes a Scrooge.

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