Larson Commons struck with occurrences of vandalism

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertSenior Reporter

Students’ actions have resulted in more supervision and fewer commodities at Larson Commons, one of SDSU’s main dining halls.

There have been cases of property destruction, messes left on tables and food taken out of the dining hall.

The most recent incident occurred when a student stole the handle to the milk machine.

Cy Fixen, the Students’ Association senator for the College of Pharmacy, said the milk machine had to be replaced at a cost of $750.

“In the long run, that’s going to cause students to have to pay more for the food,” Fixen said. “It may seem harmless, but it affects everyone.”

Fixen said some students completely disregard the Larson Commons staff. He said it is difficult to regulate what goes on in Larson Commons, but SA is being proactive.

“SA is encouraging students not to confront other students who are causing problems,” Fixen said. “It’s sort of a grass roots thing … We hope students will spread the word by mouth, and tell a [Community Assistant] or Aramark employee when they see vandalism and disrespect happening.”

Jacob Pecenka, a freshman biology major, and his friends eat at Larson Commons on a daily basis. They see a lot of the vandalism first-hand.

“Some people steal glasses to spit their sunflower seeds in,” Pecenka said. “People will put food in their backpacks too.”

However, Pecenka said he has not seen very much disrespect toward the staff.

Sandy Nilegels has worked at Larson Commons for almost nine years. While she cares about the students who come through Larson Commons, she said they can be messy.

“It’s all-you-can-eat here, but you have to take your dishes to the carousel when you’re finished,” Nilegels said.

Larson Commons is set up in such a way that Nilegels finds it difficult to watch everyone.

“I try and keep an eye on them, but you can’t watch them all,” Nilegels said. “I’ve noticed the napkin holders have been disappearing and students have been leaving messes at their tables. You would think at that age they would know better, right?”

Nilegels said she thinks some of the vandalism happens after hours when Larson Commons is only open for students to study and get help from student tutors.

Larson Commons Manager, Eric Elenkiwich, said there is very little supervision after hours, so right now there is not much they can do to punish offenders.

Elenkiwich said they took the TVs down in fear that someone would steal them. He said they would love to put up flat-screen TVs if students can prove they deserve them.

Until the situation improves, there will be increased faculty supervision in Larson Commons.

#1.1825224:3169340075.png:Larson-Mackenzie.png:The all-you-can-eat buffet on campus, Larson Commons, has experienced recent damages and acts of thievery. These occurrences has caused the staff to increase security by having a more watchful eye for potential vandalism.:Collegian Photo by Mackenzie Clayton#1.1825222:2341135331.png:Larson-CommonsAaron-Stoneberger-21.png:The milk dispensing machines at Larson Commons have been the most recent victims of student vandalism.:Collegian Photo by Aaron Stoneberger