Pugmire: the total one-man show

Megan Schiferl

Megan SchiferlJuice Editor

Preston Pugmire can claim many musical hats. Guitarist, vocalist and music engineer cover just a few of his skill sets. The amazing thing about Pugmire is that he incorporates all of his talents into one musical production in his one-man show, which will be coming to SDSU Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. in Jack’s Place.

Tom Brinker, junior speech communications major, is the University Program Council showcase coordinator and is in charge of the event. He said Pugmire’s show is much different than any event UPC has brought to campus so far this year.

“Preston is being brought to campus to provide a more intimate event. It’s a bit out of the box as far as concerts go,” Brinker said.

Pugmire describes the music he creates as acoustic pop, created by looping.

“I use electronic floor pedals to record and play at the same time. I record tracks while I’m playing and then layer tracks on top of them. By the end of the song it sounds like a whole group is playing,” Pugmire said.

Tyler Husby, the vice president of UPC and a junior construction management major, said that Pugmire’s many talents are one reason he was picked to perform on campus.

“He’s a total show. Why bring four or five guys when one guy can do it by himself?” Husby said.

Brinker said when the UPC board saw Pugmire they were extremely impressed with his live performance at the National Association for Campus Activities conference in St. Paul, Minn.

“The board last year thought he was really talented in a lot of different facets, whether it was mixing beats on a keyboard or singing or playing different instruments,” Brinker said.

Brinker said Pugmire’s unique sound and interaction with his audience allows for an experience unlike any other.

“He does his music in a way that’s really captivating,” Brinker said. “It’s interesting to watch and see how it professes.”

Pugmire has been involved with music for many years.

“I just started playing guitar when I was 15 and joined a bunch of bands,” Pugmire said.

After spending time as a band member, Pugmire decided to become a solo artist three years ago.

“Originally it made more sense for me to go solo as far as touring and scheduling goes,” Pugmire said. “I could create my own path without having to wait for anyone else in a band to be on board with it.”

Pugmire had good advice for aspiring artists too.

“Honestly, the number one thing is to believe you can do it,” Pugmire said. “I know it sounds like an after-school special, but it’s the truth. When I decided I could actually do this, within six months I was able to perform music full time.”

In addition to writing his own music, Pugmire does many covers because he said a great way to quickly relate to his audience.

“I do lots of covers because it gives people something to relate to. Then they relate to [the artist] and listen to more of your original music. It creates a space for [fan loyalty] to grow,” Pugmire said.

To check out a free download of Pugmire’s style before the show, visit his website, www.prestonpugmire.com.

Pugmire only had one closing remark.

“The new Kanye West album is amazing. It’s blowing my mind right now.”