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Frederic Cone

Frederic ConeStaff Columnist

Hot fashion, dry sardonic humor and some surprising upsets are what marked this year’s Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA., which aired Jan. 16.

Among the hot fashion, two outfits stood out: January Jones’ from the TV series Mad Men and Helena Bonham Carter’s from this year’s film Alice in Wonderland.

Jones wore a spectacular tasseled crimson dress that left very little to the imagination around the neckline, while Carter wore a gown, which seemed as if it leaped from the very screen of one of Burton’s films.

As for the dry humor from the host, Ricky Gervais, it left me wanting so much more than what he gave the audience.

Although it started out with quick wit and some rather questionably humorous anecdotes of some of the guests, after the first several appearances it quickly became mundane and a little boring.

The awards shone for themselves, though there were many upsets through the course of the evening.

The biggest upset for me was the fact that The Social Network swept four of the top awards that evening, claiming not only Best Film and Best Director, but also Best Screenplay and Best Original Score.

We will have to look to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards coming up later this month and to the Academy Awards in February to see if this was a fluke or if this film was really the best film of 2011.

The other big upset for me came in the television category, where Chris Colfer won the best supporting actor award for his work in the hit TV show Glee.

With that said, here are the final results for both the television and film categories.

Motion Picture

Best Motion Picture &- Drama: The Social Network

Best Motion Picture &- Comedy: The Kids Are All Right

Cecil B. DeMille award: Robert DeNiro

Best Foreign Language film: In a Better World, from Denmark

Best Animated Feature film: Toy Story 3

Best Director: David Fincher; The Social Network

Best Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin; The Social Network

Best Original Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; The Social Network

Best Original Song: You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me Yet, by Diane Warren; Burlesque

Best Actor &- Drama: Colin Firth; The King’s Speech

Best Actress &- Drama: Natalie Portman; The Black Swan

Best Actor &- Comedy or Musical: Paul Giamatti; Barney’s Version

Best Actress &- Comedy or Musical: Annette Bening; The Kids Are All Right

Best Supporting Actor &- Motion Picture: Christian Bale; The Fighter

Best Supporting Actress &- Motion Picture: Melissa Leo; The Fighter


Best TV Series &- Drama: Boardwalk Empire

Best TV Series &- Comedy or Musical: Glee

Best TV Movie or Mini-Series: Carlos

Best Actor TV Series &- Drama: Steve Buscemi; Boardwalk Empire

Best Actress TV Series &- Drama: Katey Sagal; Sons of Anarchy

Best Actor TV Series &- Comedy or Musical: Jim Parsons; The Big Bang Theory

Best Actress TV series &- Comedy or Musical: Laura Linney; The Big C

Best Supporting Actor TV Series: Chris Colfer; Glee

Best Supporting Actress TV, Movie, Mini-Series: Jane Lynch; Glee

Best Actor TV Movie or Mini-Series: Al Pacino; You Don’t Know Jack

Best Actress TV Movie or Mini-Series: Claire Danes; Temple Grandin