Three bands to keep your eyes on in ’11


Catherine HillMusic Columnist

With numerous covers of Katy Perry’s original “Hot “n’ Cold”, it can be hard to choose a favorite. However, the band Woe, Is Me definitely takes a high standing in contention for one of the top three. The cover was featured on Fearless Record’s Punk Goes Pop 3. This rock/metalcore 7-piece band from Atlanta, Ga. is new on the music scene. They formed in early 2010 and were quickly signed to Rise Records. Their debut album, “Number[s]” was released Aug. 31. Why are these guys on the rise so quickly? The use of screams blended with clean vocals and powerful instrumental skills make “Number[s]” a highly captivating album that changes with every song and easily holds the listener’s attention. Their single, “[&] Delinquents” starts off powerfully with screams and leads into a barrage of clean vocals, drums and evident bass. Another song, “If Not, for Ourselves” utilizes the clean vocals aspect much more than other songs, while the instrumentals are just as strong. While these two songs are very different, it shows the range of this band’s talent. What can be expected from Woe, Is Me this upcoming year? You can expect to see them on this year’s Vans Warped Tour at all stops. Tweets from the band have also stated that they will be heading into the studio, so fans can be expecting a new album.

Speaking of Warped Tour, another band expected to make a splash in 2011 is Go Radio. The Florida native band formed in 2008, were signed to Fearless Records in 2010 and will be making its Warped debut this year. This alt-rock quartet has an addictive sound that holds the listener’s attention for the whole song. Go Radio has released two EP’s: “Welcome To Life” (2008) and “Do Overs and Second Chances” (2010). They have also appeared on “”Tis the Season to be Fearless” (Fearless Records) with a rendition of “O Holy Night.” The single “Goodnight Moon” is a slower ballad but gives a nostalgic feel and evokes a feeling of longing. The intensity of this ballad is strongly supported by the other songs on “Do Overs and Second Chances.” Another song entitled, “In Our Final Hour” is upbeat and reveals the great potential of this band. Frontman Jason Lancaster (formerly of Mayday Parade) has a unique voice that is rare to find in the world of auto-tune and high-pitched vocals. 2011 will be a monumental year for Go Radio. They will be releasing their first full length album on March 1 and will be playing throughout Warped Tour. Be sure to check Go Radio out this year.

This next band is a Warped Tour veteran from 2009 and hails from Nevada. The Cab, while formed in 2004, didn’t release its first album until 2008 with the incredible “Whisper War.” After numerous member changes, The Cab is currently a trio of Alex’s: Alex DeLeon, Alex Johnson and Alex Marshall. This band takes on a newer genre of power-pop, and they embrace it fully. While being a sad song, even the soft ballad of “Vegas Skies” is energetic because of the energy from the vocals of frontman DeLeon and the intensity of the instrumentals. While the idea of power-pop is new, these three take it as an old trick. “Bounce” defines what it’s all about with pop vibes smoothly mixed with more rock influenced guitar riffs and drum beats. And now, after after three years of waiting, The Cab is releasing its newest album, “Symphony Soldiers” this year. Two songs have been released in demo versions or played live and this album sounds even more exciting and full of energy than “Whisper War.” Keep a look out for this band as they release their sophomore album and take 2011 by storm.