Fall into the winter fashions trends

Senia Hiltunen

Senia HiltunenFashion Columnist

Cool new styles are hot this winter, along with the revival of some of fashion’s most faithful patterns.

Ahh, 2011, a year full of new classes, books, snow, and fashion, and I’m here to help keep you off the worst dressed list for another year. Wouldn’t want to start the New Year by breaking your fashion resolution, would you?

The hottest trend for winter 2011 is velvet. Velvet jackets, leggings, and dresses are just some of great items you can get.

The smooth, shiny texture of the velvet adds a sense of richness to the dull winter months, and it comes in great jewel tone colors like deep purple, sapphire, and emerald.

Jeggings were the hot new thing for fall, but put those away for the winter. Break out those skinny jeans instead.

With dark wash skinny jeans, you can get the same silhouette of the jegging without looking like someone painted your pants on you.

Other jeans making a comeback are the sleek boot cut. Boot cut jeans flatter every figure, and come with chic embellishments to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe.

With the jegging out, the legging is making a comeback as well. Leggings come in different colors, patterns, and textures that make for a more diverse clothing closet.

Unlike the jegging, leggings are not meant to be worn as pants, so cover your bottom with a cute tunic.

Patterns are coming back for 2011, but not everyone will be making an appearance.

Plaid is “so last season,” but exotic floral and animal prints aren’t going anywhere.

Exotic floral patterns have bright colors and “non traditional” flowers, which makes them colorful and visually appealing from afar.

Animal prints have been around for a couple of seasons, and are coming back in the form of shoes and cardigans for the current season.

With the weather being chilly, layering with a cardigan is popular. The “boyfriend” cardigan and poncho-cardigan combo are hot this year.

Oversized, flowy cardigans go great with sheer or lace tops that are a big item. Sheer or lace tops bring the inside out by looking like exposed lingerie without being overly sexy.

For shoes, boots are still in, but make sure those toes are closed. It doesn’t matter whether the boots are heels or flats, or over-the-knee, calf length, or ankle.

That’s all for the 2011 fashion preview my friends, so stay fashionable for the new year, and don’t forget to continue to support the Jacks by wearing blue and yellow!