False rape report results in $500 fine for former student

Emma Dejong

Emma DejongManaging Editor

Rebecca Diamond, a former SDSU student, pleaded guilty to false reporting and was sentenced with a $500 fine.

In December, she reported to the SDSU Police Department that she was sexually assaulted, and then later repealed the report. She appeared in court Jan. 10 and was sentenced with a $500 dollar fine.

Along with the fine, Diamond was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 85 days suspended.

Clyde Calhoon, Brookings County states attorney, said Diamond has served her five days, and the conditions on which the days are suspended are that she must “remain law-abiding” and “contribute 50 hours of community service.”

Diamond will have a restitution hearing Feb. 14.

“That’s when the court is going to determine what, if anything, she is going to pay for the unnecessary expense to the university,” Calhoon said.

In response to Diamond’s initial report, the university took action to inform students, faculty members and the community about the potential dangers on campus. These actions included posting flyers around campus, locking the doors to the residence halls, sending out electronic notifications and publishing news releases.

Bob Otterson, executive assistant to the president, said while less than $100 was spent on the flyers, there was a significant cost in other areas.

“I would say time is the biggest cost,” Otterson said. “When issues arise that demand our immediate attention, then other things don’t get done.”

Diamond was contacted several times and did not want to comment.