LETTER: Ban smoking, ban Uggs


Someone has to be the devil’s advocate on the issue of the smoking ban. Smokers are not the only people opposed to the proposed ban. Many other people, myself included, consider it overreaching on the part of the SA. Encountering smoke clouds while walking outside to class is annoying, but it is absolutely not the public health issue as it has been painted as. Second hand smoke is dangerous and that’s why there is no smoking in buildings. Banning smoking seems to be a popular idea nowadays, but as young adults on this campus, we need to be aware of the hazards that come with trying to curb behavior and popular thought through litigation. If we’re going to start banning things that the majority of the student body has a negative opinion or no opinion about, I’ll be the first to sign the petition on Uggs and the like. And since we’ve decided to make rules for “their own good” the pop machines and Java City should close down. Studies show sugar and caffeine can be bad for you. Personal decisions and personal responsibility are key in a society like ours and even more so on a college campus. Smokers have a responsibility to be considerate of others and keep away from doors and open windows as well as dispose of their trash properly.

God Bless America.

Murphy Mack

Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy