Facebook: What do people include in a status?

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertJuice Editor

According to Facebook’s blog, some updates were more used than others, earning a spot in the 2010 status trends list. The top 10 status list is a worldwide compilation of status updates, selected by highest percentage and volume.

1. HMU

This internet shorthand for “hit me up” came as a surprise in 2010. Just one year ago the lingo was virtually unheard of. It started appearing in statuses toward the end of 2009 and exploded with popularity into the new year. Whether looking for something to do or letting people know you want to meet up, “HMU” has become widely used, and earns the number one status trend in 2010.

2. World Cup

2010’s World Cup is remembered for more than the annoying buzz of the vuvuzelas. The global impact of the World Cup made it one of the most talked about subjects on Facebook. People mentioned World Cup in their status most at the beginning of the tournament and again during the finals, with 1.5 and 1.3 million mentions, respectively.

3. Movies

This category isn’t keyword specific, but accounts for all status updates about movies. Some of the box office hits mentioned most frequently were: Toy Story 3, Twilight Eclipse, Iron Man 2, Inception, and Alice in Wonderland. Facebook took a closer look at the numbers and found that most of the updates occurred immediately after the show as mobile updates, and about an hour after showtime from web users.

4. iPad and iPhone 4

2010 was the year of the iPad. Apple owners showed off their tech-savvy in Facebook status updates over 25 million times. For most Apple lovers in the Midwest, those status updates were taunting due to the lack of service in the region.

5. Haiti

News about the 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti spread around the world in a matter of hours thanks to the high frequency of Facebook updates. The next day, status updates about the quake peaked at a rate of 1,800 posts per minute.

6. Justin Bieber

At the ripe age of 15, Justin Bieber continues to be an Internet sensation. He was discovered on a social network, and it’s only appropriate that he continues to dominate social feeds. The single “Baby” was one of his most mentioned songs and helped earn him the six-spot in Facebook statuses around the world. Brush the hair out of your eyes young lad, your future is looking very bright.

7. Games on Facebook

In 2010, FarmVille addicts everywhere sent out invitations to their friends in hopes to build their digital acreage. “Barn Raising” became a trending phrase on Facebook because of all the invitations sent by FarmViller’s to recruit farm hands.

8. Mineros/Miners

Whether you read it in Spanish or English, “miners” became a trending topic on Facebook in the midst of the Spanish tragedy. Thirty-three Chilean miners were trapped in a collapsed mine for 69 days. People around the world made mention in their status to the heroic rescue as each person was miraculously pulled to safety.

9. Airplanes

Normally the word “airplane” is not a notable word, but in 2010, lyrics from the song “Airplanes,” by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore could be found in Facebook statuses everywhere. This phrase from the song was often quoted directly: “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars.” Some common uses of the status update were to wish luck, safe travel, or the best outcome in a situation.

10. 2011

A wedding, the birth of a child, or going away to college; for whatever reason, status updates talking about the new year were a big hit in 2010. References to 2011 showed a big spike on Jan. 1 2010, and continued to spike early into the new year. As the new year grew closer, statuses mentioning “2011” spiked again.