Students will soon light-up the polls on smoking

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertJuice Editor

SA “s survey on what students think of an outdoor smoking ban is in the works. How the poll will be conducted is still undetermined.

A committee of Students’ Association senators are writing a survey that aims to get student feedback about a possible campus-wide smoking ban at SDSU.

Kate Wegehaupt, the SA administrative assistant, said they hope to administer the survey Jan. 26 and 27. The survey fulfills the original resolution passed on Nov. 29, which stated the issue would go to a student vote. Its goal is to get a representative sampling of students’ opinions on the issue.

“The poll doesn’t make any decisions specifically,” Wegehaupt said. “All it does is take students’ opinions, along with some demographics.”

Wegehaupt said the survey isn’t written yet, and the committee hasn’t decided a plan of implementation. She said SA is looking at setting up a polling booth in The Union, emailing the survey to a targeted representative sample of students, or putting the survey on MyState for all students to take.

“The push is to have people aware of it and willing to put their opinions out,” Wegehaupt said. “We just want to hear what students think…that’s most important thing.”

The Student Association is collecting the data to get an insight on how students feel about a smoke-free campus. They will use the data to provide statistics for future presentations, Wegehaupt said.

The South Dakota School of Mines Student Association conducted a survey that SDSU senators are looking at using as a model.

Their survey was open to all students through the website Survey Monkey, and about 15 percent responded with varied results.

“We tried to keep it very neutral,” said Christopher Weyer, SDSMT SA president.

Weyer said they are “in the discussion phase,” and “don’t really have anything definite at this time.”

Their survey consisted of seven multiple choice questions to identify students’ demographics and opinions about smoking on campus.

If SA decides to do something with the results from the survey, they will have to propose another resolution first.

For SA’s communications week, there will be an open forum Jan. 20 in The Union Market at 7 p.m., giving all students a chance to ask senators any questions they have, including questions about the smoking poll.

“We see the importance of informing all students, and that’s what this week, and the open forum, is all about,” Wegehaupt said.

SA also has a table in The Union Main Street all week. SA uses communications week to stress the importance of open communication between students and campus organizations.

Managing Editor Emma DeJong contributed to this report.

Model Survey, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

SA is looking at modeling their survey on this, which was used by SDSMT.

1. Which best describes you?

o I frequently smoke

o I occasionally smoke

o I used to smoke

o I have never smoked

o I avoid smoke and smokers

2. What is your class status?

o Undergraduate

o Graduate


3. Where do you currently live?

o On-campus

o Off-campus

4.Second hand smoke is defined as exhaled smoke or smoke from burning tobacco. How often do you encounter secondhand smoke?

o Frequently

o Occasionally

o Rarely

o Never

o Other (please specify)

5. Which of the following option would you like to see implemented at SDSM&T?

o Smoke Free ( No smoking on campus at all)

o Tobacco Free ( No use of any kind of Tobacco on campus not even chews)

o Smoke within 25ft of building entrance (Current policy)

o Smoke in designated areas ( smoking only on designated areas)

6. Would you support a smoke free policy at SDSM&T? Please write your thoughts below.

7. Would you support a tobacco free policy at SDSM&T?

o Yes

o No

o It depends how the policy will be enforced

o Other (please specify)