Smoking policy ballot survey


After much debate and controversy, students will be able to officially voice their opinion about the campus tobacco policy. A student survey will be attached to the Students’ Association’s election ballot.

Presidential Views


They would like to see what students want implemented but believe better enforcement is the “best option to please as many students as possible.”


If there’s a clear indication of what students want, they will pursue that option, but believe if the current policy is enforced, “there won’t be too many problems.”

This is the same survey that will appear on the SA election ballot.

The following questions are for informational purposes only.

1. Where do you currently live?



Prefer not to respond

2. Which of the following would you like to see implemented at SDSU?

Smoke-free (no smoking on campus at all)

Tobacco-free (no tobacco use of any kind on campus, including smokeless tobacco)

Better enforcement of current smoking policy (20 feet away from any building) with fines or other consequences

Creation of designated smoking areas across campus (no smoking outside of those areas)

To leave campus policy as is

Prefer not to answer

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