Motivational Poster of the Week: Motivation

Ben Lippert

Ben LippertJuice Editor

If you’ve seen the movie Office Space, you already know the story of the lackadaisical business man named Peter.

Peter hates his life, his job, and just about everything in general. His personality changes drastically after an unfortunate hypnotherapist cures him from his lack of motivation.

The quote in this motivational poster is a direct quote from the movie.

Peter argues that no matter how hard he works at his corporate job, he will not see a salary increase. This worked to his advantage and eventually landed him a promotion.

A lot of students bear attitudes similar to Peter’s. Quoting Peter directly, some students work just hard enough “to not to get fired.” In this case they work just hard enough to pass classes and get their degree.

This week, consider the many opportunities at your disposal. Get involved and take full advantage of extracurricular activities, resume-building opportunities, and student organizations within your field of study.

It’s hard enough to get a job in today’s economy. Make sure that you’re doing all you can to stand out amongst your competition.

#1.2005559:1867842265.jpg:Motiveation: It’s not that I am lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.::