Bookstore renovation includes technology sales center

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts Reporter

Beginning March 1, the University Bookstore will undergo a renovation that will not only change how the bookstore looks, but also the products they offer.

According to Derek Peterson, director of the University Bookstore, the bookstore will be completely remodeled with new flooring and brick walls. The ceiling will also be raised to provide for a more vaulted look.

“We realized we didn’t need square footage for textbooks, but rather we just needed to re-evaluate how we are utilizing the space that we do have,” Peterson said.

The most noticeable change will be the addition of several new products not currently offered in the bookstore. That addition will come courtesy of a technology sales center. Students will be able to buy computers, MP3 players, headphones and soft ware from many major retailers at the new technology sales center, which is projected to be about 500 square feet. The center will be located in the front of the store where the checkout area is currently located.

“We are currently working with a major computer electronics manufacturer to become an approved educational reseller,” Peterson said. Peterson could not say what manufacturer at this time.

According to Eric Haiar, a senior music merchandising major from Sioux Falls and the SA State and Local Government chair, the Board of Regents currently has contracts with Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu, which will be offered as part of the technology center. There is currently talk of adding another name to that list. “With increasingly more departments at SDSU requiring the use of a Mac computer, it would be nice to have both PC and Apple products offered,” Haiar said.

One concern with the remodeling is whether the bookstore will be able to function during the remodel project. According to Peterson, the South entrance to the bookstore will be used during the remodel. The basement will continue to offer textbooks for students, but the upstairs will be limited to mainly art and office supplies. Jackrabbit Central, located downtown, will offer apparel and gifts for those wishing to buy them.

“We looked at past years’ sales numbers and found that February through April are the lowest sales volume months and decided to do the remodel then,” Peterson said.

The anticipated completion date is May of this year.

#1.1971087:1718635929.png:The University Bookstore renovation is set to begin on March 1:The University Bookstore renovation is set to begin on March 1. They are selling clothing 40% off so they do not have to store large quanties of merchandise during the construction.:Submitted Illustration