Motivational Poster of the Week: Lighten Up

Ben Lippert

If you don’t breath you will die. Take time to relax this spring.

By now you probably know that spring is here.

Students are trading their winter coats for shorts and flip-flops and dreaming of warmer weather.

On the same hand, you feel completely overwhelmed by tests, projects and other end-of-semester papers that simply won’t write themselves.

It’s times like this where studying generally takes a backseat to social activities and planning for summer concerts and vacations. You are expected to crack down and get your ducks in a row for a successful future, but also to schedule time with your friends.

This week, remember to take time for fun and to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Life will happen inevitably. Sometimes all you can do is accept it; take a chill-pill and smile.

Beetle Juice says, “why so serious?”

Lighten up, laugh at a joke, take a weekend off, and remember this: you can’t be successful without taking time away from the daily grind to relax and clear your mind.

Trust me, you look good wearing those Bermuda shorts, but you look even better when you wear a smile.